• November 29, 2023

How to knock Leon out for free in Brawl Stars [все рабочие способы]

Every Brawl Stars player knows how valuable legendary brawls… You can devote months to the game, but still not knock out this rare reward. Today we will find out all the ways free knock out Leon in Brawl Stars, and also we will analyze in detail his abilities.

Free Leon at Brawl Stars

Who is Leon

Leon one of 5 legendary fighters and is a fairly rare reward. Hundreds of thousands of players every day try to get it in their collection, but only a few know certain chipshelping to knock Leon out faster.

What’s interesting with the introduction chromatic bravleurs, Leon has become not the rarest character in terms of quality, but catching him is still the dream of most players. It’s all about its effectiveness in combat due to its movement speed and high damage. He appeared in the game in December 2018 and is a brother by lore Nits

Methods for obtaining Leon

How to get Leon in Brawl Stars

Below we list all the secrets and ways to help you get it in the shortest possible time. legendary fighter into your arsenal.

Through the chests

how to catch leon brawl
Let’s consider the simplest, but at the same time long way – opening loot boxes… For pumping your account and getting levels in Battle Pass players are given special chests that contain a random reward.

The essence of the method lies in the most active game and pumping “Paths to glory“.

If we talk about the largest chest, then the probability of a legendary fighter falling out is approximately 0.16%, which is quite a lot with a large number of openings.

Naturally, the developers offer to bypass the long farm of boxes and immediately buy them for real currency… If you decide to buy, we recommend you wait special discounts for the holidays and get the most profitable set.

By letter to developers

Leon fell out in brawl stars

Another way to get Leon for free – write a letter to the developers directly through the game menu. The players noticed that after the letter they very often drop a rare hero.

  1. So, we launch the application and tap on 3 horizontal dots in the upper right corner of the screen. how to write to developers brawl stars 1
  2. In the list that appears, we are interested in the item “Settings“. how to write to developers brawl stars 2
  3. Next, pay attention to the button with the name “Help and support“And click on it once. how to write to developers brawl stars 3
  4. Move down to the button “Connect with us“. how to write to developers brawl stars 4
  5. We choose “Send feedback or suggestion“. how to write to developers brawl stars 5
  6. It remains to write a text where you complain that you cannot knock out a certain hero. Regardless of the answer, continue to open the boxes, in the next one you will be successful. how to write to developers brawl stars 6

The trick in the settings

There is a theory that the probability of getting rare brawlers is related to a certain setting in the game itself. Follow the step by step instructions below and Leon will become part of your team soon.

  1. First, go to “Settings“. control change brawl stars 1
  2. Here we select the item “Change of control“. control change brawl stars 2
  3. A test location will be launched with the ability to change control. We change it at our discretion and return to opening cases… All preparations have been completed and the likelihood of a leg falling out is higher. control change brawl stars 3

Secret algorithm

Experienced gamers have come to the conclusion that the likelihood of a rare item falling out increases if you consistently perform certain actions. To get started, you need to accumulate a significant amount cases, preferably 50 pieces, but do not open them. how to get a leg in brawl

After entering the game, you need to start a match and win it, and then open 10 boxes.

If the desired item is not dropped, repeat the algorithm again until the result is achieved. Open multiple boxes does not make sense, as well as playing more than one match. If it is difficult to win a regular match, then it is allowed to do it in a team with friends.

Special code

The last method consists in a special secret code to receive Leona… You can read where to enter it in a separate article on our website, here you can also use promotional codes for free gems and buy several cool skins at once.

author code brawl stars 1

All abilities of the hero

After using the above methods, you are 99% likely to be lucky and you will catch cherished brawl… Now it’s time to figure it out skills, let’s find out what they do and how to use them correctly. free leon at brawl stars

Spinning blades

Shuriken Throw is a basic attack Leona and allows you to throw at the enemy at once 4 blade… Many beginners do not know, but the damage from shuriken depends on the distance to the opponent. For maximum effect, try to get close close to the enemy, but remember, the main thing is not to die. leon attack 1
Earlier Leon threw incomprehensible iron triangles, which caused misunderstanding and laughter from the players. The developers listened to the opinion of the fans and changed the attack style.

Smoke bomb

His ultimate allows you to throw under yourself smoke bombwhich makes you invisible for 6 seconds. This allows the character to be much more mobile and evade pursuit… For example, when playing in the “Capturing Crystals“There is an opportunity to go to the enemies in the back, kill them, and then go to their own half with the help of invisibility. hila leona from brawl stars

Now you know about all the ways to knock out Leona… Do not be discouraged if one of the methods did not work and immediately move on to the next. Don’t forget to come back and share your joy in the comments after you catch him.

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