• February 20, 2024

How to level up quickly and make money in Days Gone?

Although the mechanics and gameplay of Days Gone are quite familiar, there are also some peculiarities here. This is not quite the open-world game that many have gotten used to. This guide covers the main points for the rapid development of the character and the extraction of useful resources. I also need to mention fast travel, this is not a simple teleportation, as in other games of this genre.

How to Travel Fast in Days Gone?

Fast travel works a little differently, there are also points for travel, but they must first be activated. At the initial stage of the game, the character can quickly get only to his own base – the only safe place in the world. As you progress through the game more and more, it will be possible to unlock points for quick teleportation. Mostly, to activate them, you will first have to complete an additional mission. After that, a new option for instant travel will appear.

The conditions for activating a new point may vary, but most often you need to find a cache. You will first have to clean up the infected area. Often, immediately after the removal of the horde, the place becomes available for fast movement.

The next feature of travel is that it consumes fuel. The player will need exactly as much as needed to travel to this place on the bike. Given this fact, teleportation is only needed to save time, but not resources. In the absence of sufficient resources, the journey will be blocked.

Where can I get fuel in Days Gone?

Fuel is a key resource in the game, without which the bike cannot ride. The easiest way to get large quantities of fuel is to buy it from the camps. However, there is also a free way of obtaining a resource, the essence of which is to explore the open world. Sometimes the character will come across gas stations, they are scattered all over the world.

Having found one of the gas stations, you should not relax. It is very likely that there will be freaks in the area. It is better to kill them in advance and only then proceed to the gas station. Fuel in the game is presented in the form of cans. By the way, petrol is also found in small quantities in other locations. Its greatest congestion is in places where there are many vehicles.

How do I get more scrap metal?

Scrap metal is one of the most used crafting materials. It is not too difficult to find it, because portions of this resource are lying around almost everywhere. However, the best and easiest way to earn it is by robbing cars that can be found throughout the game world. True, not all cars can be looted. It is worth remembering about the weight limit, a character can carry no more than 10 units of scrap. To increase the limit, it is worth learning the “Carry this burden” skill.

The best ways to earn and level up in Days Gone

Money or credits are means of payment of all times, for which various items of equipment are available for purchase. Each camp has its own credit limit of 10,000. If you have a loan for one camp, you will not be able to buy something in another.

Here are the fastest ways to raise money / credits and level up:

  • passing the main missions;
  • increasing the level of trust to 3, for which you need to complete additional tasks and destroy hordes nearby;
  • attack of enemy outposts (ambush camps);
  • cleaning infected areas;
  • killing freaks, collecting their ears and selling them to the camp;
  • hunting for wild animals and selling their parts;
  • stealth kills, which provide additional experience;
  • killing opponents in the head increases the amount of experience by one and a half times.

These simple tips will help you “get up” faster in the game. Having mastered and collecting decent equipment, you can go to kill the hordes in Days Gone. This is the most difficult and, at the same time, interesting occupation. The locations of all 40 hordes have already been described in one of our past materials.

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