• February 20, 2024

How to make a custom, extended ending in Darksiders 3?

After the release of the exciting action game Darksiders 3, many players plunged into the game world with their heads. Gamers quickly reached the end of the game and saw the standard ending. Many might think that there simply are no endings forking depending on the user’s choice. This is not the case, the player’s decisions have an impact on the ending, but the number of endings is small. The player can get only one alternative ending. To get a more interesting ending to the plot, you need to do the right thing with the additional bosses.

How to behave?

The extended ending can be obtained by killing the additional boss Abraxis. With the soul of this demon, you should go to the Lord of the Void, but he himself must be left alive. The main reason why many do not see this ending is that both characters are additional bosses. They are not required in the walkthrough. Whoever encounters them is usually simply killed, and after all, you only need to kill Abraxis.

The location of Abraxis is not easy to find, it can be discovered by chance when exploring an additional location. Abraxis himself lives in the Scar location. Having visited the area, you need to find a huge tornado and go to it. When driving towards a hurricane, it is worth turning a little to the left. You can identify the desired area by a terrible monster walking around. There is an air stream next to the monsters. After hitting it, the hero appears in a special area. There is an elevator at the end of the corridor that leads directly to Abraxis’ headquarters.

As soon as the hero is in front of the boss, he wants to talk to the character. During the dialogue, the demon invites the player to make a deal – to keep him alive, and to kill the Lord of the Void. By agreeing with the proposal, the player loses the opportunity to watch the full ending and achievement. In the dialogue, you should choose the option to kill the demon and take his life.

As soon as the soul of Abraxis is in the backpack, you can go with it to the Lord of the Void. He should be spared, the demon will independently hide from the place and drop a stone after him. Throughout the game, the stone will lie idle, it will only come in handy at the end. It is the stone that opens access to additional phrases in the dialogue. Gamers will have to look at the surprised faces of the Charred Council, and an ominous shadow will appear in the credits.

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