• November 29, 2023

How to make money playing World of Warships

We are ready to pay from 300 to 150 000 rubles to each participant of the action. We tell and show what needs to be done to participate.

World of Warships has launched a new promotion for the Marine Brotherhood referral system in 2020. It will last from April 9 to June 9. In connection with the recent events, many found themselves on a forced “vacation”, there was more free time that can be used for additional earnings, combining it with the game. We have prepared a detailed guide on how to participate and fulfill the required conditions as quickly as possible.

The essence of the WoWs referral program is similar to the tank one. Mentor (he is also the commander) should have on his account only 15 battles played, so even if you have not played before, you can collect the required amount in one day. TO colleague (he is a recruiter and a new recruit) on the contrary, the only requirement is 0 fights on the account

Follower taskupgrade a level 6 ship and play at least 1 battle on it… Only after that the completion of the referral program is counted.

If you are familiar with the referral in tanks, then you already know that in addition to inviting new players, you can create a twink and thus go through the program alone. Moreover, in WoWs there is no limit on the number of companions (recruits).


Super awards

The main nuance to receive a cash prize – you need start a wallet PayPal, while he must be registered to the same mail as the Wargaming game account

Deadline for crediting money – June 30 (after the final formation of the leaderboard). First of all, payments will go to players with fewer invited participants.

General algorithm:

  1. We take an account with 15 battles (or create a new one and play the required number of battles).
  2. We register a new player or twink by an invite link + bonus code.
  3. Create a referral link (get the Marine Brotherhood in your profile, you need to log in) and invite a new account as a companion.
  4. We go through together or in a solo referral program (pump out a level 6 ship in order to spend at least 1 battle on it).

Bonuses for mentor and follower:

At the same time, the colleague will also not be deprived of gifts:

To facilitate the start of the game and make it more efficient, we register a new account using a special invite link. Even if you have not played World of Warships before, you can create a new profile and play 15 battles to be able to invite players using your referral link. There are two options to choose from:

  1. Invite-Link 1 – German level 3 battleship Nassau + 2,000,000 silver + 500 doubloons (premium currency);
  2. Invite Link 2 – German premium tier 2 cruiser Emden + 2,000,000 silver.

The first option is suitable for a faster referral, since a beginner immediately starts with a level 3 ship and it will take him less time to open level 6. The second option in this promotion is relevant for players who plan to hang in the game for a long time, so a premium ship will not be superfluous.

But that is not all! Be sure to click on the pop-up line in the registration field “Do you have an invite code?”

We provide it too. Enter in the appropriate field ILOVEWARSHIPS

For it, the player will be credited to the account with the Soviet premium cruiser of level 2 Diana + a slot in the port + 500 doubloons + 7 days of a premium account (more experience and silver per battle will allow you to research new ships faster).

Now that the newbie’s account has received the maximum bonuses, we invite him to be our companion. To get a referral link, you need to go to the Marine Brotherhood:

Choose any method convenient for you and share an invitation with a friend.

Full regulations and rules of the action

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