• October 3, 2023

How to open a free perk safe in Firebase Z in CoD: Black Ops Cold War?

In the colonel’s office there is a safe with a random skill inside. Today we will tell you how to open it.

Power up / start the main Easter egg quest

Before opening the safe, you need to complete a few steps in the main quest of the Easter Egg level. Turn on the power, activate the three Ethereum generators and return to the starting location to talk to Ravenov.

After that, meet Peck at the Flight Control Center. Have a drink before the conversation, you will find out that Peka tricked you into helping him. Then return to Ravenov and take the key card from him.

You will need to open three cabinets. They will contain the drugs you need to create the truth serum. They will be located in the Engineers’ Room, the Colonel’s Office, and the Equipment Storage Room.
Send along with the drugs to the field hospital and use the mixer to combine them. And then take the vacuum device from the mixer.

This device must be placed on the air conditioner to the right of the entrance to the flight control center. And then go inside and wait for Peki to start hallucinations.

Peka will pay for his deception. He will talk about three people who have the information we need. This is needed for the main quest “Easter Egg”, but at this point we will go our own way.

Get Sergei’s Head

Now you need to find the head of Sergey’s zombie. There are six places where she can appear. Two in each protection zone:

Scorched protection

Under the hut ramp on the left.

In the bushes of the runway where zombies invade

Rocky protection

Next to green barrels.

Under the stairs in the weapons laboratory.

Jungle defense

Behind the pellet leaning against the hopper on the right.

In the bushes between the left and middle stripes.

After you find the head, take it to the field hospital. The head must be carried carefully and must not run, jump or use anything. So as soon as you get in trouble, throw your head to the ground, get your shotgun and shoot the bad guys.

As you reach the hospital, put your head on the charging plate near the ancient opening.

Capture the essence of the zombie

Now enter the data center and look for a machine with a brain image on its display. This machine is used to collect the memories of past Omega operatives, even if they have turned into zombies.

The machine will give you four entity traps, which we will use. We find a zombie and sniff at it until it remains in the balance of death, and then we throw the trap on the ground and activate it. Hurray, you only caught zombies like a pokemon. Go ahead.

After capturing a zombie, you will have three minutes to bring it to the field hospital. We turn on the speedruner mode and run there at full speed. Once you reach the hospital, insert the trap into the device connected to Sergei’s head. Then something completely incomprehensible will happen: the head will call a bunch of different numbers, and then it will explode. And at this moment we will go to the colonel’s office.

We approach the closed safe and open it. You will be given a random perk. Keep in mind that you need to take the perk right away, if you wait for a long time, it will disappear.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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