• July 5, 2022

how to open console, list of console commands

PC players in The Outer Worlds have much more control over the game than console players, thanks to a variety of console commands. In today’s article, we’ll take a look at how to access the console in The Outer Worlds, as well as take a look at the complete list of console commands for the game.

How to open the Outer Worlds console

Unfortunately, it is impossible to access The Outer Worlds console without third-party software. You can find several suitable “unlockers” on the network, but we recommend downloading to your computer Sunbeam’s The Outer World Unlocker… Unpack the downloaded archive from the above link to any place convenient for you, for example, your desktop. The password for the archive can be found in the discussion at the same link.

Now it’s time to get down to unlocking The Outer Worlds console. Open the game and immediately minimize it. Now run the GCSInjector.exe file as administrator. If everything works fine, you will see the message “Done! Enjoy! ”, Which can be translated as“ You’re done! Enjoy the game! ” Expand The Outer Worlds and click the Tilda (~) button. Press once ~ to open the mini-version of the console, twice to open the full-size console.

If you want the console to be permanently unlocked, then you need to move Sunbeam’s The Outer World Unlocker files to the Win64 folder, which will contain the IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe file. Run UE4ConsoleLaunch.exe to open The Outer Worlds – the console will be permanently unlocked.

The Outer Worlds console commands

Okay, we’ve figured out how to access the console in The Outer Worlds. What can you do with it? Starting from the banal immortality and heaps of money and ending with the launch of certain quests and teleportation – with the help of the console, you can become almost a god. We will now go through all the available console commands in The Outer Worlds.

  • Get a certain amount of in-game currency – AddCurrency 1
  • Add a specific item to inventory – AddItemDebug
  • Change the angle of view of the camera (minor bugs are possible) – fov
  • Start a specific quest – QuestStart
  • Mark a specific quest as completed – QuestComplete
  • Fixes a bug with the quest “Passion for Medicine” – QuestStart Passion
  • Skip related quests and unlock all allies – DebugUnlockCompanion 4
  • Infinite health – god
  • Pause the game – pause
  • Disconnect the camera from the protagonist – toggledebugcamera
  • Increase the level of the protagonist – SetLevel
  • Increase the perks of the protagonist – PerkPointsAdd
  • Add one perk – PerkPurchase
  • Remove one perk – PerkRemove
  • Change protagonist characteristics – RpgStatAddModifierDebug
  • Create a new save file, even when playing on Supernova difficulty – SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 1 0
  • Set a certain level of armor – SetArmorLevel 1
  • Set a specific weapon level – SetWeaponLevel 1
  • Toggle UI – ShowHUD
  • Teleport the protagonist to the location where the camera is directed – Teleport

Of course, I would like more teams, but that is what it is. The above possibilities will be enough to entertain yourself for a couple of evenings. In addition, these commands can be useful for troubleshooting various technical problems of the game, for example, bugs in quests or problems with a collision of the game world (teleportation is a useful thing).

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