• February 20, 2024

How to quickly destroy generators in Just Cause 4?

To capture a location in Just Cause 4, you need to destroy the invaders’ bases. Enemy bases spread over vast territories. As they are captured, the game issues additional tasks. One of these missions is the destruction of generators. Signs hang over a closed room. The structure is closed with large metal doors that cannot be penetrated with ordinary explosives. Many players get stuck at this stage of the capture, as they cannot get inside the premises. How do you blow up locked generators?

What do we have to do?

Near the original bunker there is everything you need to hack it.

Algorithm of actions:

  1. Lift the end of the cable, one side attached to the winch.
  2. Attach the cable to the doors.
  3. Find the yellow lever and hook the cable onto it.
  4. Pull the cable and pull it sideways with the winch. The cable starts to stretch after pressing the F button.
  5. All that remains is to blow up the generator.

It is not difficult to blow up the generator indoors, for this you can use a rifle, grenade or other piercing weapon. The main piece of work is to remove the door in the room.

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