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How to register in Men of War II: Arena with a bonus (gift)

Men of War II: Arena is a multiplayer game that combines elements of RTS and action. The company responsible for its development is responsible for the series “Behind Enemy Lines”. Announced it 02/18/2020

The project turned out to be quite interesting, since here victories can only be achieved those commanderswho are able to make the right decisions in a short time. Although unusual strategies are also welcomed and lead to very good results.

Men of War II: Arena - how to register with a bonus

Consider features of this video game, which has become a part of a large domestic brand.

System requirements

This PC assembly is enough for a quiet game of this project at the minimum acceptable graphics settings.

  1. OS: Windows 10 (64-bit)
  2. CPU: Intel Core i5 2300 or better
  3. Video card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 550 Ti or better
  4. RAM: 8 GB
  5. Free disk space: 8 GB

The game is also possible on a PC with components at a level below those indicated, but in this case, you need to be ready for the appearance of friezes.

The tactical potential of the commander

Since this game is a classic strategy RTS genre, it has something in common with many others. First of all, it is an opportunity play as commander… Strategies are often proposed to control different types of troops, each of which has its own characteristics.

Also, this project offers pumping units in the process of gaining experience through battles with enemies in a 5v5 battle… It doesn’t matter if the player is fighting alone or together with friends in co-op mode.

In addition, the gamer can play not only for the commander, but also, if desired, for a specific combat unit, be it a soldier, a tank or artillery.

It is also worth noting the cards. Each of them is a collection of objects, landscapes and characters. Everything that can be found is available for use for your own purposes.

The commander controls the army

Example: hide troops in the forest, as well as shooting from the mountains at lower enemy combat units.

The game offers the opportunity to use any means to accomplish a tactical mission:

  • installation barrier structuressuch as parapet, anti-tank hedgehogs and barbed wire;
  • strengthening troops buildings and occupation trenches;
  • capture enemy techniques;
  • mining occupied streets.

Now let’s look at the troop formation available to the player to control.


In the game, the commander is given control of battalions, each of which has its own specialization, fighting style and tactical tasks… But this is not enough for a full-fledged strategy.

The player has the opportunity not only to rule, but also to choose this or that battalion. This is a separate game mechanic that deserves attention.


The style of play is also important here: artillery loves to hit the enemy from afar and, for sure, the infantry strives for close combat, although it requires support, and tanks – it is better to take them as scouts.

Knowing the pros and cons of battalions, it will be much easier for the commander to defeat the enemies.

Let’s move on to the features of each type of armed forces available to control the player.


This type of troops is considered the best option for the commander when he is faced with a task from the category Grab and hold… High mobility, an assortment of possible uniforms allows you to adapt it for any task, whatever it may be.

Infantry can be made into more specialized units, such as snipers, grenade launchers, machine gunners and the like.


Each subspecies of troops has its own purpose. Engineers, for example, they build defense posts faster, sabotage – will create chaos in the ranks of enemies, motorized – attack fortifications and quickly move on a vehicle, filling the voids in the formation of the attackers, and landing will be able to land unexpectedly and cut off enemies from the path of salvation.

All units will be at the command of the commander, i.e. a player who will already decide for himself what they need to do.


Tank battalions – main motorized power, which any army boasts. The tanks that are part of them can be of three types:

  • lungs – maximum mobility for attack and movement. They act as a kind of bait for enemy troops;
  • average – the golden mean between maneuverability and destructive power;
  • heavy – minimum mobility, but firepower and booking are beyond praise. They are capable of destroying almost any target with 1-2 shots.


On the battlefield, tanks can perform the following tasks:

  • support fire;
  • destroy enemy technique;
  • hold positions, etc.



Artillery – “the hammer“Which the army uses to causing enormous damage, and suppression of troops with the aim of an easier attack on the enemy.

Usually the correct assault on any fortified point of enemy location begins with shelling.

However, artillery pieces do not have to be away from others. In battle along with conventional howitzers and mortars more flexible options can be used, such as Tank destroyer, and MLRSthat can cover a large area in a short time.

The main thing that any general should remember is artillery need to mask… Its position is the main thing that should be of interest if you do not want to allow the detection and destruction of a long-range weapon.


After each match, a player who has completed his tasks and destroyed the enemy or part of his equipment, experience points are given

According to many mechanics that were present in RTS strategies, in this game the gamer, with proper understanding, will make his combat units even stronger and more dangerous for any enemy.

How to register in the game with bonuses

  1. Go to the official website using a special invite link to the website with registration. We select the box.
    Choosing a box on the site
  2. Click on “Pick up a gift“.
    Gift after opening the box
  3. We pass registration (e-mail, login and password, or just use an account from social networks).
    check in
  4. Click on “Down-load a game“. Choosing a save location. Launch the installer.
    Download game button
  5. We choose install for all or a specific account.
    Selecting the installation mode
  6. We assign diskwhere the program will be installed.
    Assigning a disk for installation
  7. Create a folder in Start
    Create a folder in Start
  8. We celebrate necessity forming a shortcut and adding to the exception of the Firewall.
    Shortcut + Exception in Firewall
  9. We will double-check everything. Install
    We agree to install
  10. Run the application after the end of the installation. Select the language of the application.
    Launch after installation
  11. Go to the game we need to install. We indicate location of the client.
    Choosing a game to install
  12. Expectuntil the client is fully downloaded.
    Client download
  13. When the client installed, you can start the game.
    The client is ready to launch

Men of War II: Arena is a project that with its multiplayer component offers everything that a regular offline RTS strategy has. Not only will it be fun to play onebut also together with companions, with which the tactical part of the project becomes richer and easier.

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