• July 5, 2022

How to remove error 106015 in Escape from Tarkov?

The regular updates of Escape from Tarkov bring not only new content, but also often cause various kinds of errors. Including error 106015 creates a lot of problems for the user around the world. It appears both when you try to start the game or enter the match, and during the gameplay. At the most inopportune moment, when the player has already filled his inventory with valuable swag, an error appears on the screen and throws the user out of the match. If the connection is not quickly re-established, all valuables will be lost. But when trying to switch to a match, the error appears over and over again.

This problem is usually caused by an overload of the main game server on the developer’s side. It is necessary to understand that even a high-quality and thoroughly tested update patch can cause errors. Everyone wants to enter new locations, everyone wants to find a unique swag, old players who have not run Escape from Tarkov for a long time re-initialize their connection to the server. The equipment does not stand up and as a result, error 106015 appears, which does not allow the player to enter the server.

How to fix error 106015?

Do not panic and frantically click on the button to connect to the server, over and over again. The error will appear and only after the players have released the server, it will be possible to connect. But there are some fairly simple ways to solve the problem and continue playing normally:

  1. Check server availability… You must go to the site https://downdetector.com/, enter Escape from Tarkov in the search bar at the top of the resource and study information about it. If, after the search, a message is displayed that at the moment there are problems in the operation of the developer’s servers, then there is only one solution – to wait. Most likely, the developer knows about the problem and solves it promptly.
  2. Use a VPN connection… Often, a connection problem is observed only in one specific region, while other servers are free and operating normally. A VPN connection will allow you to enter the game and play, but you should understand the fact that delays and increased ping may appear, especially if free VPN servers are used.
  3. Change IP address via provider… Today, providers very rarely give their clients a static address and store it on a permanent basis, only for a fee, only a dynamic IP is used, which can change with a certain frequency. However, for several days in a row, the address of a particular customer may be the same. Replacing the IP is the same method of solving the problem as connecting through a VPN, but there are no delays and increased ping. By calling the provider, it will be possible to change the IP in a few seconds.
  4. Reconnect router to change IP… If the provider sells the Internet with a dynamic IP address, then it can be changed by simply rebooting the router. This does not always work, and with a new connection, the address may remain old, but most often it will be replaced. You need to disconnect the power cable from the router, wait 15 seconds and plug it back in. The IP address will be changed and Escape from Tarkov can be restored.
  5. Clear cache of Escape from Tarkov launcher… To do this, you need to open the Escape from Tarkov launcher, through which the user enters the game. In the upper right corner there is a username and an arrow under it, you need to click on this arrow. After that, you should select the “Clear Cache” item and wait for the process to end, after which we restart the launcher and again try to enter the game.
  6. Run as administrator… To do this, right-click on the launcher icon, select “Run as administrator” there. This does not always solve the problem with error 106015, but it often fixes other problems associated with updating the game client, and this already solves the notorious error.

If error 106015 appears on the screen when launching Escape from Tarkov or during gameplay, then this already indicates problems connecting to the game service. The problem can be both on the client side and on the side of the company’s servers. It is necessary to first make sure that the Internet connection is there and it is stable, and only then start trying to solve the problem in the simplest possible way.

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