• December 6, 2023

How to remove lags and increase fps in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord?

This guide was written with the sole purpose of fixing freezes and increasing FPS in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord. Quite often, a drop in frequency to 15-25 fps is observed, and even friezes appear for a few seconds. If the performance of the computer is sufficient for comfortable work with the game (at least 45 fps) at medium and high settings, but after the Iceborne update, the fps dropped dramatically, this instruction will help.

How to increase FPS?

First, we recommend that you follow a few simple steps:

  1. reduce all graphic settings to their minimum values;
  2. completely restart the game and even your PC;
  3. set all graphic parameters to the recommended default values.

That’s right, pretty trivial things, but sometimes they are enough to improve performance.

NVIDIA Personalization

  • Open the control panel for your NVIDIA cards.
  • Let’s go to the management of 3D parameters.
  • We set the high-performance GPU as the preferred GPU.
  • Do not forget to apply the changes in the settings and restart the game.

What else can you do?

Here are some other things you can do to slightly improve your game’s performance:

  • lowering the in-game resolution to simple HD (or lower);
  • we activate full vertical sync;
  • reduce adaptive resolution to 50% or even lower (depending on your FPS);
  • set the sharpness to zero;
  • set all other graphics settings to low values.

Remember: the lower the resolution, the higher your FPS will be in the game, especially if you do not have the highest performing video card.

How to get maximum FPS?

Turning off the following options will help you do this:

  • depth of field;
  • SSR;
  • quality of fabric;
  • the quality of the herb;
  • subsurface scattering;
  • tessellation;
  • bloom;
  • grain;
  • blurriness.

Recommended graphics settings

Optimal settings for a balance between video quality and performance:

Name Meaning
Battle Size Full
Overall High
Shader quality High
Texture Streaming Budget High
Texture quality High
Shadow quality High
Shadow type Static and Dynamic
Shadow filtering PCF
Particle Detail Medium
Particle Quality Medium
Foliage Quality High
Character Detail High
Environment Detail High
Terrain Quality High
Number Of Ragdolls Unlimited
Occlusion Method TSAO
Texture Filtering Anisotropic 8X
Water quality High
Anti-aliasing Temporal SMAA x2
Lighting Quality High

All this should help to find the optimal combination between beautiful graphics and high fps, as well as eliminate possible freezes after the update.

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