• February 22, 2024

How to return VPN to Opera browser after a new update?

The Opera browser cannot boast of high popularity among network users, but it still has its own audience. Perhaps the main reason for installing Opera today is a VPN.

That’s right, for the owners of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox it may seem wild, but Opera really provides its users with access to a completely (!) Free VPN, which instantly allows you to bypass all sorts of blockages and restrictions. At least, this was the case until recently …

Opera updated, VPN not working – what to do?

On June 17, 2021, Russian Opera users faced a serious problem: the VPN in their favorite browser stopped working. The reason for this was the introduction of restrictions on the operation of the Opera VPN service on the territory of the Russian Federation by the infamous state organization Roskomnadzor.

Understandably, tens, if not hundreds of thousands of worried Russians began to rush around the World Wide Web in search of an answer to one simple, but very important question: how to get VPN back in Opera?

The question is really simple, but the answer to it is … not very good. Over the past week, there have been some ways on the Internet to bring VPN back to Opera, but many of them are no longer working. But do not blame the developers of the browser, because they only adhere to the requirements of the federal services of Russia.

One way or another, there is still one way that will certainly allow you to regain access to Opera VPN. Its essence is as follows: we move to an older version of Opera, after which we forbid the browser to check for new updates. Of course, in this case, you will not see the new developments of the Opera team.

Let’s now go through this method in more detail:

  • go to link, select your OS, for example, Windows, and download the file Opera_77.0.4054.90_Setup_x64.exe (or Opera_77.0.4054.90_Setup.exe if you have a 32-bit OS);
  • then completely disable access to the Internet on your PC, for example, by pulling out the Ethernet cable or turning off the Wi-Fi router;
  • run the downloaded installer Opera_77.0.4054.90 as administrator;
  • in the installation window of the old version of Opera, click on the “Settings” item;
  • select the folder with the current version of Opera (77.0.4054.146) as the installation folder and click the “Update” button;
  • wait for the end of the downgrade process and opening Opera;
  • go to the “Update & Restore …” section of the browser and check the version of Opera – it must correspond to 77.0.4054.90;
  • if the downgrade was successful, create a shortcut to the executable file of the required Opera and add the value –disable-update (double hyphen!) to the object field;
  • turn on the network connection on your PC;
  • launch Opera through the created shortcut.

Done. You can now use Opera with a working VPN. If you do not want to get rid of the current version of Opera, just change the installation folder of the old Opera to any other directory – you will have both versions of the browser installed on your computer. Simply put, one version is for everyday use, the other is for VPN.

This method is unlikely to stop working in the near future. But, as we said earlier, the obvious disadvantage is the lack of official updates from the developers. Someone is ready to accept this, someone is not.

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