• September 24, 2023

How to solve error BLZBNTBNA00000012 in CoD: Warzone?

Error BLZBNTBNA00000012 has hit Call of Duty: Warzone players very hard. Unfortunately, it has been holding for about 1 month (began to appear on the 20th of December 2021). In the thread on Battle.net there are already more than 1200 messages asking to fix the error, but there is no official answer. However, there are some fixes that may work for a large proportion of users. And yet some do not receive corrections. It is not clear, the point is that something was done incorrectly or not completed, or the problem is in the hardware, the region of the users. Most of all, there is some kind of software that is installed on most computers. For example, some users have been known to experience the error after installing Windows Font Improvement. After removal everything worked.

How to fix error BLZBNTBNA00000012?

Here is a list of effective ways to fix the BLZBNTBNA00000012 error, although not for everyone, but for a significant part of users:

  • Change region. For some reason, the error may appear when connecting to a specific server. Apparently, he may be experiencing problems at the current time. This is done very simply – by clicking on the image of the globe next to the button to start the game in Battle.net.
  • Disable command line attributes. Usually the opposite action works, but in this case it is the shutdown. You need to go to the “Settings” of the game in Battle.net and turn off the option “Additional command line arguments”.
  • Remove temporary files. You can not delete them, but simply rename the Call of Duty folder in the “Documents” section, adding old or backup to the name. You should also delete temporary data for Battle.net. To do this, go to AppData – Local and delete “Blizzard Entertainment”.
  • Remove programs. Especially the ones that were installed before the error started showing up.
  • Reinstall the game in the root directory. In addition, you should also open the game folder and delete all files that weigh 0 KB or 1 KB. For some it worked.

Everything else has an extremely modest chance of success, so we do not consider such methods. We hope that any of the above will work in the fight against the Call of Duty: Warzone BLZBNTBNA00000012 error. However, to some extent it depends on the developers and a full fix until they deal with the problem may not be found. All the most relevant is on the forum Battle.net. For those who have not received relief, this is the only way to find any solution.

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