• October 3, 2023

how to summon all the bosses and tips for fighting them

If you love survival games, then we strongly recommend taking a look at the recently released Valheim. With tens of thousands of positive reviews on Steam, a huge loyal player base and truly unique game mechanics that support cooperative play, Valheim was a surprise for all fans of survival games in February.

Like any other survival game, in Valheim you have to collect all sorts of resources, build and create useful (and not so) equipment. After spending some time in the game and thoroughly familiarizing yourself with the mechanics, you will have the opportunity to summon local bosses. Each of the four available bosses is summoned with its own special ritual.

In today’s article, we will tell you how to summon all the bosses and Valheim and how to fight them.


Your first boss in Valheim is Eikthyr, a giant deer with electrified antlers. To summon this boss, you need to find a runestone in the open world of the game, shining in red, which will point you to the location of a special altar. It is always worth remembering that Valheim is a game with a randomly generated world, and therefore the altar can stand to spawn in a completely random place.

However, players note that the altar of Eikthyr most often spawns in the meadow zone of the map. Once you get to the altar, put a couple of deer trophies to it – Eikthyr will appear near you. So how do you fight this boss? Yes, everything is simple: we take a shield and a spear in our hands, dodge easy-to-read attacks and hit the boss when he is vulnerable. In co-op, Eikthyr becomes extremely lightweight.

The Elder

The Elder is the second boss of Valheim. It is something like the Ent (tree golem) from The Lord of the Rings. The main attack is vines. Unfortunately, The Elder’s altar is a little more difficult to find than Eikthyr’s. Go to a location called Black Forest and start searching it thoroughly for a runestone. This can take a long time, but keep wandering through the woods.

After picking up the runestone and determining the location of the altar, it’s time to go for three grains of ancient seeds. You can get such seeds from shamans and stumps with burning eyes. After obtaining the seeds, go to the altar of the boss and burn them – The Elder will come out to you. Fighting this boss is much more difficult than with Eikthyr, and all because of the additional mobs that will actively interfere with you.

The Elder has both ranged and melee attacks. Try to stay away from The Elder and attack him with bows and arrows, or better with ignited arrows. The tree burns well, doesn’t it? Keep your distance, but don’t hesitate. The fact is that The Elder, although not fast, constantly regenerates health. Don’t forget to stock up on a bunch of medications!


Bonemass is an extremely atypical boss for survival games. The boss is something like a pile of bones in a greenish slurry. To summon Bonemass for a duel, you need to find an altar in the swampy area and put about ten bones on it (you can find it in piles of garbage and in dungeons). The best way to fight Bonemass is with a club, an iron mace (stock up on a few), and freezing arrows.

It is worth noting that Bonemass is extremely poisonous, and therefore it is highly recommended to take mead in battle with it, which perfectly protects against poison. But what you should definitely not do in the battle with Bonemass is to shoot at the last with a bow with ordinary arrows. Given the “consistency” of the boss, even metal-tipped arrows would be practically useless. Bonemass drops a unique bone that allows you to find silver ore and treasures.


Moder is a unique looking dragon and the final boss in Valheim. To summon Moder, you need to find an altar in a mountainous area and put 3 dragon eggs to it (can be found in the mountains). After putting the eggs in the right place, the altar will light up – the boss will appear. To successfully master the dragon, you need to wear either wolf or iron armor (depending on preference). It is also important not to forget to collect more potions against the cold. The best weapons are bow and fire arrows, and it is better to shoot when the dragon is in the air.

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