• October 3, 2023

How to survive in Minecraft in Hardcore mode

If you’ve never tried to challenge yourself at the highest difficulty, then you can’t call yourself a real fan. Find out our secret life hacks and put yourself to the test.

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Surviving Hardcore mode is one of the toughest challenges in Minecraft. Here you have just one life, and the complexity is always off scale. Every action in the game, from exploring the depths of hell, exploring caves in the night, to fighting the dragon Ender of the world, becomes many times more difficult and dangerous.

There are several ways in which players can reduce risks and increase their chances of survival. Together with the right strategy, gamers can not only become successful, but also thrive in a deadly world. We have collected the best tips for players who want to deal with Hardcore.

Act quickly in the early days

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

First of all, players need to as quickly as they can, get primary resources and build yourself a home. Twilight is one of the main dangers that players will face, and you need to prepare for it in one day. There is not much to do, but it is much better if the gamer does it quickly.

At the very beginning, the player will need:

  1. Collect at least four logs;
  2. Craft a wooden pickaxe;
  3. Collect enough stone for the stove and a complete set of stone tools;
  4. Collect a stack (64 pieces) of building materials: dirt, wood, cobblestone;
  5. Build a completely enclosed shelter.

The player now has a place where he can hide from the night threat. Ideally, the player will want get some meat animals nearby to cook it in the oven. The gamer can also create charcoal made of wood. After that, the player will already have a shelter, food, weapons, torches in order to keep life throughout the night. The highest priority field of this is build a bedallowing you to skip night time. However, not all biomes are home to sheep, which complicates the task.

Increase Armor Level

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Armor will protect the player from all types of damage, which could lead to his death. Damage from everything from mobs to lava blocks can be mitigated by wearing any kind of armor. As a result, it is in the player’s interest to have full set of the best armor, which he can afford.

For a start, leather protection will suit you, but it is better to prioritize the production of iron armor. In order to start researching hell, you need at least a full set of such enchanted armor. To fight the Ender dragon, the player will need full set of diamond armor with maximum enchantment levels. It will take some time and a lot of resources to mine such a set, but the best armor is the key to long-term survival.

Fight with bow

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

The player should prepare for battles at a distance using a bow. This will save him from unwanted damage, because he will be able to shoot at enemies and not approach them. In addition, defeating the Ender dragon is much easier with a bow and arrowthan with a sword or an ax.

Small arms can be crafted with flint, feather and stick, but for this you need a lot of gravel and chickens. If they are not nearby, try a more risky option – kill many skeletons. The safest way is exchange one emerald for 16 arrows with the villagershowever, they can become more expensive over time. It also means that the player must have constant access to the settlement, which is not always possible.

This does not mean at all that you cannot fight with a sword and shield. The sword can reflect fireballs, and the shield can block oncoming projectiles and other types of damage. But when the time comes to go on the offensive, the player will, if possible, need to do it with a bow and arrow.

Eat the very best

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Food is the foundation of survival. Novice players need to eat whatever they can get their hands on. Even rotten flesh can be enough to stave off hunger and keep the player alive. But over time, you will need to start saving up the best food that the gamer has access to and only spend it.

It is best to focus your attention on:

  1. Steak;
  2. Cooked pork;
  3. Cooked lamb;
  4. Golden carrots.

Golden apples – A good option for satisfying hunger and healing, but it will take time to get them. Golden carrots in this plan much more economical.

The main key to survival is to build an animal farm and make it really big. What kind of animals you will breed does not matter. You will also need to build wheat farms to feed your herd.

Always have a stack of cobblestones with you

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Cobblestone – a good tool for survival in different cases. When traveling, the player can quickly use it to make an improvised base if night falls.

In battle, cobblestone is a tool for saving life and avoiding problems. Of course, you can still be hit by the explosion, but if you get high enough, only the base of your makeshift tower will suffer.

Always carry a bucket of water

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Buckets of water are a tool to help you stay alive and avoid problems. Water can be splashed onto lava blocks, with its help you can remove fire… With a little practice, the player will be able to use a bucket of water to create a small pool that prevent fall damage… This is useful when you fall off pillars or if you are pushed off a ledge, but it is much safer to create waterfalls.

Buckets of water can also be used in combat situations. With their help, you can create a stream that does not allow zombies, creepers and other mobs get too close

Have stocks of everything

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

There is nothing wrong with being in battle with the enemy and only having one sword in hand. But the best Minecraft players recommend making copies of many items. Armor, weapons, essential tools that will need replacement, should always be at hand.

If in the middle of the battle you have lost your enchanted armor or cool weapons, then there will be no chance to restore it and emerge from the battle as a winner. The player should always have spare tools and weapons in their inventory.

Master the skills of alchemy

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Alchemy is an important source of strength for the player. With the right ingredients, you can craft potions that help in a combat situation:

  1. Acceleration gives the player a movement speed boost that will help him escape from any enemy, as well as explore the world faster;
  2. Night vision will allow you to see in the dark;
  3. Force increases melee damage.

Despite the effectiveness of these potions, there are more complex options that can be a real salvation in a critical situation. These potions give protection and treatment in order to keep death at arm’s length from yourself.

  1. Invisibility helps the player not to be detected by mobs in the distance;
  2. Slow fall prevents damage from landing from a height;
  3. Fire resistance removes damage from lava and fire, which helps out in Hell;
  4. Treatment instantly restores health;
  5. Regeneration provides treatment for some time.

Certain potions require ingredients from hazardous locations. The Regeneration Potion requires Gast’s Tears, while Haste only requires sugar.

Explore enchantment

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Enchanting is another way to increase the player’s strength. This skill gives special effects to armor, tools and weapons. The best offensive boosts:

  1. Discarding can push the player back;
  2. Force increases damage damage from arrows;
  3. Infinity provides the player with an endless supply of arrows;
  4. Shattering blade increases damage.

Effective enchantments for protection:

  1. Explosion resistance – explosion protection, increasing resistance against explosions;
  2. Weightlessness reduces fall damage;
  3. Refractoriness helps to resist damage from fire and lava;
  4. Protection from projectiles needed to reduce all damage taken from small arms.

The best special enchantments:

  1. Triple shot – allows you to release three shells at different angles;
  2. Durability (Invincibility) necessary to increase the durability of any item;
  3. Repair allows you to use experience to repair any item.

It is very important that the player avoids Curses of Immovability, since it will not allow him to remove the item in Hardcore mode.

Enchanting is expensive and requires a lot of experience. Fortunately, there is no need to venture into risky areas to obtain the resources used to create the enchanting table. Also, to gain experience, you do not need to expose yourself to danger.

It takes a lot to create Enchanted Books reed, and the player will need to be patient until he grows up enough. Auto-farms in this matter will be very useful.

Avoid unnecessary risk

life hacks for hardcore survival in Minecraft

Perhaps the best hint to always follow for players in Hardcore mode is avoid unnecessary risk. Players are very often frivolous about death in normal game mode. Some use their doom when they get lost while exploring new terrain to teleport home. This approach quickly leads to the end of the game if used on Hardcore.

Players must make informed and careful decisions before doing anything during the game. There should always be good lighting in mines, the player needs armor and weapons when entering the caves. Also in your inventory you must have mechanisms, potions, enchanted items and food, which will be useful in battle. The player must always foresee the worst, what might happen and have a plan in case it does.

There is nothing wrong with running away from contractions and hiding in a shelter every time the sun goes down. Even veterans of the hardcore mode with years of experience can die from being hit by a child Zombie.

If you are a hardcore lover in Minecraft, then we advise you to go through one of our horror maps or map droppers. If building is closer to you, then try to repeat one of these crazy buildings, which were invented by the best builders of the pixel world.

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