• December 5, 2023

How to teleport to Minecraft Java and Pocket Edition

The world in Minecraft generated procedurally: the sandbox is randomly overgrown with villages and mines and forces you to spend hours exploring the scenery around. But ways to save time have already been found – teleportation!

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There are many reasons to use artificial movement on the global map: lack of free time, the desire to immediately get to the nearest settlement, the need to bring the whole team together or return to base after another adventure.

And, since there is a chance to deceive the system, why not figure out how to teleport to Minecraft on a computer and mobile platforms and how to facilitate the process of exploring the world around.

How to teleport to a character

Teleport to Minecraft officially prohibited: if you try to enter the command /tp the system will not issue an error to the console, but the added symbols will not process and will not move anyone. It is necessary to bypass the restriction by activating cheats in “Settings “ before preparing a new world (section “Additional settings”).

Activating cheats for teleportation

After basic training, the developers propose to go directly to the input. The command is as follows: /tp destination>where destination – ally’s nickname. An alternative is also provided: /tp victim> destination>where victim – ally’s nickname, and destination – target (another partner) – so there will be a chance to move anyone and in any direction. The command clearly looks like this: /tp Alice… The one who entered the combination will instantly appear next to the player hiding under the nickname Alice

Teleportation with launcher

But how to teleport to a server where you can’t manually activate cheats? There are several options: request administrator rights from the current owner of the server (if we are talking about a large community, then the chance to unlock additional features is close to zero – you have to literally “reach” serious powers) or prepare a personal game session and invite allies. Regardless of the scenario, it is important to remember the syntax and rules: commands are added to the search string again and begin with the symbol “/”

If a launcher is used (like TLauncher) sometimes it is necessary to enter commands not in the console, but in the chat, by default called through the button T “ on keyboard. After that, just enter /teleport destination>, Where destination> nickname of the character for teleportation.

How to teleport by coordinates

How to teleport in single player mode or in multiplayer to an ally is described above. But, if the server is empty, and it is necessary to save time, then an alternative scenario is provided – teleportation by coordinates to Minecraft… The whole algorithm looks like this:

  • Mandatory activation of cheats (as before – when preparing a new world);
  • View information about the current location to return to base (if necessary). Statistics are called up using the F3 button and are placed in the graph next to the coordinate axes X Y Z
    Village location
  • Finding a point for teleportation using the command /locate villageThe information appears as a string in square brackets with values ​​separated by commas. The middle is occupied by the Y axis – you will have to select the value manually, since the village is located vertically from the base to a certain height due to various buildings.
    Move command
  • Entering a text combination into the console: / tp XYZ, where numeric values ​​are substituted for letters. For example: – / tp -432 50 -912. If an ally is moving, then a nickname is first entered in front of XYZ. It is advisable not to overdo it with the height: if the selected mode is not “Creative”, but “Survival”, then there is a high probability of not surviving the fall.

As in the case of teleporting to a character, the procedure differs depending on the tools at hand:

  • How to teleport online. The teams in multiplayer will not change, but due to a lack of rights, you will first have to deal with the current status and request the appropriate rights from the administrator.
  • Teleportation with a launcher. You will have to contact not the console, but the text chat. The input format will change slightly – /teleport Login X Y Z… The result is the same.

Important! Accidental teleportation to “approximate” coordinates is deadly: there is a high probability of moving inside blocks or appearing high above the ground. It is not recommended to take extra risks in Survival mode.

How to teleport to Minecraft on a mobile phone

Command syntax in Minecraft: Pocket Edition (PE) partially repeats the features of entering cheats in the version Java (Windows /MacOS) and is built on the same rules: teleportation is not available without first activating the parameter Cheats and is demanding on the accuracy of entering coordinates in the format X Y Z… But first things first:

  • Parameter Cheats. It is activated at the time of preparing a new world (the corresponding item is located above the field for entering the generated Seeds) or in the section with “Settings” in an already running game session. After activation, a standard text line called from the top of the interface will start accepting commands starting with the symbol “/”. Teleportation will appear in the following way: /tp x> y> z> or /teleportation x> y> z>… In addition to moving the protagonist, other commands are provided, more on which – just below.
  • Coordinates… Before teleportation at coordinates to Minecraft: Pocket Edition For research purposes, it is recommended that you first save your current location for return. As with “Cheatami” in the world settings there is a parameter Show coordinates.
    If there is no need to return, then an alternative scenario is provided: why not find the location of the nearest village (witch outpost or abandoned mine)? The same command /locate village will display information about the nearest settlement in the format X Y Z (Y-axis will remain unused due to the floating height of the village).

Apart from manual input on how to teleport to Minecraft Pocket Edition tell tooltips when accessing a text string: it is worth adding a character “/”, and then enter tp “ or teleport “, and the sandbox will instantly offer a list of available commands with decryption.

Teleportation menu

There is even a special navigation menu: Minecraft will display the button Teleport, and at the same time – sections Who and Wheredefining “Whom” and “Where” to teleport. When choosing suitable items, you don’t even need to enter commands – just click on the tooltips, and the sandbox will automatically fill in the missing words and numbers. But, if you need to control the entire process manually, then the list of available commands is as follows:

  • / teleport . Moves the target along the coordinate axis.
  • /teleport destination>. Teleports the hero to the destination, but not by coordinates, but, for example, to a partner.
  • / teleport . Moves the target to the destination point (partner).

For true Minecraft fans, we have a list of cheat codes and cheat programs. In addition, you can download the best survival maps or horror maps to diversify your gameplay. And for aesthetes, we have wonderful shaders and textures.

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