• December 5, 2023

How to troubleshoot error code 0x80a40014 on Xbox One

When Xbox One owners try to sign in with their Microsoft account, they may see error 0x80a40014 with the message “Account has been blocked.” Understandably, having stumbled upon this error, the user will not be able to access digital versions of games or saves on his console.

What causes error 0x80a40014?

  • Problems on the Microsoft server.
  • A bug in the Xbox One console software.
  • Violation of Microsoft Services Agreement.
  • Lots of failed login attempts.

Solving error 0x80a40014

Method # 1 Checking Xbox Live Service Status

First you need to go to the Xbox Live status page and check if everything works fine for Microsoft. Who knows, maybe the error 0x80a40014 was caused by a problem with Xbox Live. What if the problems are still on the side of the “soft” ones? The answer is to wait.

If everything is OK on the Xbox Live Status Check page, try the method below.

Method # 2 Delete Profile and Hard Restart Xbox One

Some users managed to get rid of error 0x80a40014 by deleting their Microsoft account from Xbox One, performing a hard restart of the console, and adding the account back to the device. Let’s see what exactly you need to do:

  • Press the Xbox button in the center of your controller to open the guide
  • now go to: System -> Settings -> Account -> Delete accounts;
  • select your Microsoft account and select the “Delete” option;
  • close the settings menu;
  • hold down the power button on the front of the console for 10 seconds;
  • press the power button again and watch the green animation on the connected screen;
  • click on Xbox on the controller to open the guide;
  • move the player icon down and select the “Add new” item;
  • we enter all the necessary data and add our account back to the console.

Checking for error 0x80a40014 on your Xbox One.

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