• September 28, 2023

How to upgrade Genshin Impact to version 1.4 on PC by yourself?

The Genshin Impact update will not only improve the stability of the gameplay, but also make it more fun. Developers constantly think about what can be added and create sometimes small, and sometimes very large updates. The easiest way to update to the latest version is to launch the Genshin Impact launcher and download it through it, and then automatically install the update. But since this option is the easiest for everyone, the servers collapse at the time of updates, the download speed drops to very low rates. Therefore, it is recommended to try manual upgrade to version 1.4.

Manual update of Genshin Impact to version 1.4

If you choose manual update, then you have to try a little and go through a few simple steps. But at the same time, you independently choose a manager for downloading files, and also get the maximum download speed and save time on this. Before performing a manual update, you need to make sure that the version of your game is currently 1.3.2, otherwise you will not be able to bring it to 1.4.

If it matches, and you are ready, then follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Genshin Impact launcher and make sure the game version is at least 1.3.2.
  2. Click check for update.
  3. When the downloads are found and the download process begins, click on pause.
  4. Click on the game launcher icon in the tray and select “Exit” to close the program completely.
  5. Go to the folder with the game, it is called “Genshin Impact Game”. If during the first installation you used the default parameters, then the archive is located in this path: C: Program Files Genshin Impact Genshin Impact Game but if you changed the download path, it will be different.
  6. In this folder, find a file called 1.3.2_1.4.0_diff_1P539V4J.zip_tmp and delete it. This is the initial update download archive that you paused earlier.
  7. Go to link and download the 1.4 update manually.
  8. Copy the downloaded file to the Genshin Impact Game folder, without removing them from the archive, in the form in which it was downloaded.
  9. Launch the Genshin Impact launcher and click on “Update”. The program will unpack the update you downloaded and install it on its own.

After all these steps, you should be able to play the latest version of Genshin Impact without any problems and enjoy it. This method of updating will be faster and even easier. Initially, everything seems complicated, but, in fact, you can cope with everything in a few minutes, it depends on the speed of the Internet. Downloading the update file from the link above will be an order of magnitude faster when comparing this process with the official servers.

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