• May 29, 2022

How to View a Private Instagram Profile: All Known Methods

Social networks were originally developed in order to share information and life events with other users. When pages on Instagram, Vkontakte and other services began to be used for surveillance, most of them began to introduce a system for limiting access to profiles. It was named “Closed Account”. An unauthorized person cannot see the contents of the profile without the appropriate permission from the profile owner. However, is it possible to bypass this blocking and still watch the content? This is not easy at all, but we can still offer several methods.

How to View a Private Instagram Profile: Working Ways

We start with the simplest methods and gradually move on to more complex solutions that not everyone can afford.

Method 1: send a request to view a closed account

This is the official and completely legal way to open a private Instagram profile. To make all the content available, just open the page and click on the “Subscribe” button. The account owner will receive a notification requesting a subscription. If he confirms this request, the next time you open the profile, all photos will already be available in it. A notification will be sent to your smartphone about the approval of the subscription.

How to view a private profile on Instagram

Mark! In some cases, it will not work to get approval for a subscription, so you will have to additionally stimulate the owner. This can be done both completely legally and using tricks. We will talk about different methods further.

Method 2: create a second account using personal information from the network

Often the name and surname of the person is used in the Instagram login. Perhaps you already know them. You should fill in the data in a Google search and try to find the account of the same person in other social networks, where the account may not be blocked. Perhaps there will be enough information from here. If this is not the case, we suggest making a profile that will most likely be approved for subscription.

What is needed for this:

  • Find out the interests of the account owner. We can conclude about this on the basis of an avatar on a social network, a nickname on Instagram, data from other social networks, etc. Often these are public figures about whom there is some information in the public domain.
  • Real photos, videos or thematic content. Ideally, you should pick up personal photos of another person, taken from the Internet with similar hobbies. For example, if a girl is fond of light gymnastics, you can upload photos of other people with the same interests and publish them in the feed so that there are at least 5-7 photos. An alternative option is to post some lessons on interesting movements and the like.
  • Get some subscribers. By simply subscribing to other people and waiting for them to reciprocate, you can easily gain 100 followers.

Once you have an attractive profile that you might be interested in, it’s worth trying to apply for a subscription from that account. Most likely, the owner of the account of interest will accept this request.

Advice! In most cases, it is better to use photos of girls, as they look more friendly in the subconscious. Guys are likely to mutually subscribe to most beautiful women. Girls, too, do not look for a dirty trick and are less careful with such accounts.

Method 3: create a fake profile

How to view a private profile on Instagram

If the owner of the target account is engaged in some well-known activity, most likely there is some information about his idols. We can also use people with similar interests of his level or higher (coach, teammate, referee of future competitions, and whatever else). You need to publish a photo from the person’s official account, buy subscriber bots (they are inexpensive) or type them yourself. There are already 2 tactics here: either present this page as an official one, or bet on the fact that this is the second account, in which case even subscribers will not be useful.

Method 4: through friends’ accounts

We can just ask friends to subscribe to a private Instagram account to view it (if not done before) and forward the page. Another way is to create or buy many profiles and subscribe from them in the hope that some account will be approved. Then the matter is small – click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select “Share this profile”.

How can I not see a private Instagram profile?

There are common on the Internet, but absolutely inoperative and even dangerous methods that supposedly allow you to open a closed Instagram account. With the methods listed below, you are unlikely to be able to achieve any results (with some reservations).

Order hacking Instagram account

A lot of people are involved in hacking Instagram profiles, but 99% of them are cheating. It is indeed possible to steal a password, but this is such a time-consuming and expensive procedure that it is unlikely that they will be engaged in it to look at the personal photos of a girl / guy. Almost all people and sites that are shown on the corresponding requests “hack Instagram account” are scammers. Determining which of them is real and which is not is almost impossible.

Hack Instagram

Use third party services

There are about 5 sites that promise to open access to a person’s profile in a very simple way. Their slogans are: no payment, transfer of personal data and even registration. And yet they demand all of the above, and additionally steal money and can damage accounts. There is no publicly available service that can hack Instagram’s security.

Finally, we will mention one more way – to view the profile with the owner. This can be achieved if it is a boyfriend, girlfriend or boyfriend / girlfriend. Having casually asked to show photos, the number of likes and asking other leading questions, sometimes you can see the contents of his account.

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