• November 29, 2023

how to win for an impostor? 10 life hacks

The best advice will leave no chance for the crew members, who will fall victim to your cunning and cunning.

Being an impostor expert in Among Us is quite difficult, but quite real. Especially if you follow the professional tips below.

The popularity of Among Us came as a major surprise to everyone. It seems that this game has every chance of taking a leading position among the large multiplayer projects on the market. Developed by InnerSloth studio, a small team of three, Among Us has acquired a large number of new players in a short time.

The essence of the game is quite simple: groups of 4-10 players must complete tasks and interact with each other on one of the three available maps. While the crew members perform random missions, a group of 1-3 impostors are tasked with secretly eliminating them.

When the body is found at an emergency meeting, the allies must establish who the traitor is.

If during the game all the impostors are exposed, the team of peaceful players wins. However, if the impostors manage to survive until their number equals the number of crew members, they will win.

Sometimes playing as an impostor is quite fun, but often the gameplay is stressful. The difficulty level depends on the total number of players in the lobby and how many other impostors are hanging around. However, if you wish, you can find a way out of any situation.

Despite the fact that impostors are not in the most advantageous position, there are a number of tricks that can increase their chances of winning.

10. Work on an alibi

Work on an alibi

It sounds simpler in words than in practice, but it is not an impossible task. Teammates at the beginning of the round are always suspicious of each other. Gradually, people who have held out the longest begin to trust those with whom they have spent a significant amount of time.

Being an impostor, very it is important to be patient… The ability to kill quickly at the start of the round is tempting, but the ability to join the team is most valuable. Having one or two players nearby at different times will provide a reliable alibi and help during discussions.

9. Pay attention to the taskbar

Pay attention to the taskbar

Running aimlessly around the map and controlling the actions of the crew members can raise too many unnecessary suspicions. Staying close to other players can be helpful, but really you will be able to deceive rivals by pretending to be a member of the crew performing their tasks

As players complete various tasks on the map, the scale on the taskbar in the upper left corner of the screen fills up gradually. Unfortunately, impostors cannot fulfill these tasks. In this case, you need to go to the task, the completion of which does not take much time, and wait until the scale moves.

This technique will allow you to simulate the action and acquire an alibi, since the players who are nearby at this moment should pay attention to this.

8. Arrange emergency situations in the reactor and compartment “O2” to distract attention

Manage emergency situations in the reactor and the

Impostors are provided with many different tools to confuse teammates and distract them from their own tasks. On locations “Reactor” and “O2”located on the left and right sides of the map, impostors can sabotage.

If the crew members do not manage to eliminate the accident within the allotted time, they will lose.

Having committed a murder, the impostor will be able to quickly and without suspicion leave the scene of the crime. This method confuses the remaining players and provides an alibi. Its main drawback is that these actions will not save you from detecting the body.

7. Report incidents

Report incidents

This is a risky step, but it can be beneficial in some situations. Like teammates, impostors can report “finding” a dead body when they catch their eye.

In total, there are not many cases when this option can justify itself. If you correctly implement this opportunity, you will be able to confuse the players… Leaving the corpse in another room can further avert suspicion. However, you should be careful here, as a body in the immediate vicinity of several crew members will become a pretext for further investigations.

6. Participate in discussions

Participate in discussions

Discussions become especially heated when everyone is excited. There are many ways to get the most out of discussion and stay alive, but the most effective way is to empower others to speak.

But it is also not worth remaining passive in the discussion as a player when the blame is shifted to you.… In this case, you should identify another suspect player and start accusing him. This has to be done very carefully. Having gone too far with aggression, you can turn the crew members against yourself.

5. Beware of cameras

Beware of cameras

Each card in Among Us has cameras in different locations. And there is also a special security room that all players can interact with. While impostors use cameras to locate other crew members, peaceful players closely monitor suspects in the hope of catching the sloppy killer red-handed.

If possible it is recommended to kill away from cameras… However, this does not mean that surveillance is ongoing.

If the camera is off, then there will be no one to fix the crime.

4. Activate ventilation

Activate ventilation

Moving through ventilation is an opportunity available exclusively to impostors and associated with a certain degree of risk. The greatest danger lies in the fact that other players can remember the time and place of your appearance and find inconsistencies.

The use of ventilation shafts allows you to move away from the body at a great distance in the shortest possible time… Also, with their help, you can find lonely crew members and kill them without unnecessary noise.

3. Take advantage of the blackout

Take advantage of the blackout

By sowing chaos, the impostor will be able to achieve victory very quickly. This can be done in several ways. Most effective is power off

During a blackout, the crew members’ field of vision is significantly reduced. The impostors do not suffer from deterioration in visibility, so they have a unique opportunity to track down and find a convenient moment for murder under the guise of general panic.

2. Separate teammates

Share teammates

It’s no secret that it is much easier to watch and kill a lone person than a group of survivors. To do this, impostors must learn to divide their victims.

Closing doors, blackouts, and sabotaging are great for this.… But sometimes even these methods are not enough, and the players continue to stick together. In this case, you need to keep an eye on them and look for any opportunities that may unexpectedly appear on the way.

1. Do not be overly active in voting

Don't be overly active in voting

Voting is the most important ending of any discussion. During discussions, it is important to pay attention to the arguments of other players and understand who they are most suspicious of or to which conclusions are inclined.

If there is little or no information, the most conservative players are unlikely to vote. In such situation it is better to follow the example of the majority, so as not inadvertently to be exposed… Too active a vote with little evidence can turn into a serious test that could have been avoided.

In our Among Us section, you can find other helpful guides to help you survive and explain the basic mechanics. The most insidious players can even install cheats, then they are almost impossible to resist.

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