• November 29, 2023

How to win Shadow Royale matches in Apex Legends

This Halloween, Apex Legends introduced a different, less crazy version of the Shadowfall mode from last year’s Fight or Fright event. Shadow Royale mode is similar to standard Apex Legends matches, with the exception of the night when defeated players are instantly reborn as shadows. In shadow form, players have less health and are unable to use any equipment, but they move faster, have strong attacks, can run along walls and punch through doors with one blow.

To play Shadow Royale successfully, you need special tactics. Here are five important tips to help you win more matches in the new Apex Legends mode.

Priority on live players

In Shadow Royale mode, a squad is considered defeated only when all of its living members are killed. This means that your main goal should always be the destruction of living enemies. Shadow players can respawn indefinitely, so it’s best to avoid fighting them whenever possible.

Use melee weapons

This mode is poorly suited for medium to long range combat. First, the darkness makes it much easier to dodge snipers. Secondly, shadow players can close the gap very quickly once they spot you, so you should always bring two melee weapons with you.

Submachine guns are your best bet for Shadow Royale. This is the only time that Alternator is truly a worthy choice. With a large magazine and accurate hip shooting, it is the perfect weapon against shadows. Shotguns and the Wingman pistol are great too, as they can easily kill shadow players with a single shot.

Camping is indispensable

During last year’s Fight or Fright event, players almost immediately discovered that Wattson could make rooms inaccessible to Shadows. Until the end of Shadowfall, camping with Wattson was the dominant strategy, and there’s no reason to think things are working differently this year. In fact, with the Caustic gas boost and the addition of Rampart to Apex Legends, camp defense tactics have become even more popular in Shadow Royale.

Use Bloodhound

Bloodhound has been tweaked multiple times over the past few seasons, making him nearly competitive in regular Apex Legends matches. In Shadow Royale mode, the character has every chance to dominate. Bloodhound’s tracking capabilities are extremely useful at night, and the scan skill makes it much easier to track down enemy players.

Running on the wall is cool but useless

Wall Runner came to Apex Legends from Titanfall, and shadow players can use it in Shadow Royale mode. Our advice is to apply this skill only occasionally. In Apex Legends, there are very few good reasons to leave cover for long periods of time, especially if your health is low. And running along the wall, you turn into a comfortable unprotected target that enemies can easily knock down. Unless you are confident that you can suddenly flank or ambush, you will hardly need the ability to run up walls very often, except perhaps with style points.

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