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How to withdraw money from Steam in 2021

The development of the gaming industry has contributed to the emergence of special platforms, among which Steam occupies a leading position. This online service has a built-in system, similar to electronic wallets, which allows you to make money transactions by buying and selling various products. However, the accounts of user profiles themselves work only for depositing funds. It is much more difficult to deduce them. All available methods of withdrawing money from Steam will be discussed in this article.

Can I withdraw money from Steam?

Even in 2021, many players continue to wonder if it is possible to withdraw money from Steam to online wallets or a bank card. There is simply no such function on the platform itself. This does not mean at all that the money cannot be withdrawn. You can, you just need to know the ways how to do it.

How do I make money on Steam?

The only way that will allow you to earn real money on Steam is by selling in-game items (skins, cases, keys). Today, the largest markets have emerged in the CS: GO, Dota 2, and other popular online gaming communities connected to the Steam trading system.

Particular attention should be paid to the first mentioned CS: GO and Dota, since their markets are the most stable.

Selling games skins directly

The easiest way to make money on Steam is by selling skins. It is best to conduct such transactions with people whom you know well – friends and comrades in arms, since fraud thrives on the background of such virtual trading. You shouldn’t give skins to the first “client” that comes across without a well-thought-out system of guarantees.

In practice, a person must transfer money to the seller to a card, online wallet or give it in cash (if geography allows), and at the same time the item being sold must be transferred to his account. The basic principles of such a sale and purchase:

  • quickly;
  • honestly
  • profitable (as far as possible).

Similar transactions can be performed with games, but then you will have to transfer the data of the whole account, which is also practiced.

Accounts sale

With account trading, things are the same. Everything has its own price, so the main task is to find a buyer. Beforehand, it is worth doing some calculations:

  • the cost of games that are available in the Steam library;
  • the cost of skins accumulated in popular online games;
  • give an assessment to the rating if thousands of hours have been invested in pumping game profiles.

After that, you can announce the objective price of your Steam account.

Again, such transactions should be carried out with trusted people or with a guarantor (intermediaries) so that both parties get what they want as a result.

Steam withdrawal rules

Unfortunately, the platform developers did not implement a direct withdrawal of money from Steam. But you can use third-party resources that will allow you to do this. In 2021, the easiest way is to sell items on third-party sites. But even here there is a risk that you will stumble upon a fraudulent resource.

Therefore, there are 3 rules that will allow you to perform more or less safe operations:

  • Use only trusted sites with a good history, as well as good and honest reviews on third-party sites. The purchased reviews are always visible: they are written like a carbon copy, often without a single grammatical error and with an abundance of laudatory outpourings from the author who was paid.
  • Use sites for which you, subsequently, will not receive a trade ban, because in the Steam “fraud” when selling is not encouraged. The fact is that on Steam you can send a complaint (report) about accounts with suspicious activity. Several such matches, and you are guaranteed a ban.

Naturally, you should be no less honest than the intermediary resource and the buyer.

  • In order to sell something, you need to have something. Therefore, money from Steam needs to be converted into skins, and then put up for sale on third-party sites. That being said, choose only popular items and games.

The last point concerns exactly what we wrote about above. Pay attention to Dota 2 and CS: GO. The market for skins in these games is stable, but you should take the time to analyze hot products in order to be 100% sure of the profitability of their resale.

Services that will help you withdraw money from the incentive

The main problem when withdrawing money from Steam is finding an honest website that will keep your data safe. Many online resources can indeed be classified as fraudulent structures. From them, you either will not receive money for the skins, or your Steam account will simply be taken away from you. Therefore, we have thoroughly analyzed the market and offer you several proven and honest sites that will definitely allow you to receive money for an electronic wallet or bank card for the items transferred to the buyer.

In fact, these are trading platforms of the same site dealing with CS: GO and Dota 2 skins, respectively.

There are also a couple of stable and popular resources respected by ordinary players and those for whom the resale of skins has become a real job.

All these resources offer you the same operation – withdrawing money from the Steam platform to e-wallets, bank cards, and even to mobile accounts of major telecom operators. We will show you the whole process of buying and selling and withdrawing funds using the example of Dota 2 Market.

How to withdraw money from Steam to a bank card, to QIWI, to your phone, to YuMani?

Initially, we planned to make several separate reviews regarding the withdrawal of money to each of these services, but this does not make sense, since the algorithm of actions is almost identical in all cases.

  • Check the availability of your inventory… To do this, go to your Steam account – section “Inventory”. There will be a “More” button on the right. Click on it and select “Inventory privacy settings”. In the window that opens, go to the “Inventory” block. Check the box next to “Open”. Be sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page.

  • Checking your account for a temporary trade ban. The fact is that Steam, after the operation, blocks access to the trade for the next 7 days. You can check this through the Marketplace. On the Steam main menu, go to Community – Marketplace. If you don’t have any notifications at the top, then everything is fine and you can trade with the site. If there are any messages marked “Important” (see screenshot), you must perform the recommended actions to restore access to the trade.

  • Getting a link for making an exchange (trade links). You can get this URL through Steam by going to your profile – section “Inventory”.

At the top right, there is a clickable “Offer to exchange” button. Click on it and in the next window you will see the item “Who can send me offers.” In the line “Third-party sites” you will see the very trade link required to be indicated on the online trading platform.

  • Authorization on the site. In our example, we are using the Dota 2 Market, but a similar system operates on other sites, so there will be no problems with this. Find the button “Log in via Steam” (in the upper right for an example). Enter your account details. After that, instead of the standard account, your nickname on Steam will be displayed. Click on it and then go to the “Basic Settings” section. A graph will appear here where you will need to copy the trade link previously taken from Steam.

As a last resort, click “Learn Here” on the site to automatically go to the profile section with the given URL.

  • Sale of skins. To get started, go to the “My belongings” section of the site. In the section “Your items for sale” click on the plus sign. This will open the Steam inventory from Dota 2. Select the items you want to sell. You will have a small plate where you will have to select the number of skins to be transferred (for example, identical chests), and then confirm the selection with the “Set” button.

From this point on, all items on display will be displayed on the site. You just have to wait for someone to buy them. Operations often do not take long if the hot product is sold at an adequate price.

  • Transfer of the thing to the buyer. You will see that someone wants to buy the item, but without you it is impossible to do this.

You need to click on “Submit”, right on the site.

This must be done within an hour, because otherwise you can get a strike, and then a ban, which will prohibit the use of the resource (since you are not a reliable seller).

The plate that opens will provide 2 links corresponding to the different ways of transferring items. Use any of them to open the “Steam Exchanger”, where the transfer of items is confirmed.

In the attached messages, be sure to look at the code word – this is very important to protect against fraudsters.

  • Crediting money to the account. The money from the sale immediately appears on your electronic invoice on the site. The accumulated amount can be viewed in the upper right corner of the screen. On the left, there are “+” and “-” icons, which correspond to “Top up” and “Withdraw money”. In both cases, a list of payment systems opens that can be used to deposit or withdraw funds.

  • For electronic wallets (WebMoney, QIWI and YuMani), the account number in the corresponding system is simply indicated.
  • For mobile payments – the phone number you want to top up.
  • For bank cards – only their number (under no circumstances indicate the validity period of the card and its CVV code on such resources!)

You can also withdraw money to bookmaker accounts, back to Steam, or receive it in the form of cryptocurrency (if desired and necessary).

How long does it take to withdraw money?

Withdrawal of money from the site is carried out very quickly. Usually, the intermediary informs that the money will be credited to the account within 10-20 minutes. However, if I introduce the bureaucracy of financial systems, the withdrawal may take up to 3 working days.

As for the withdrawal of money from Steam, then everything is ambiguous. Much depends on the value and popularity of the items being sold. If the relevance of things has long been lost, then they may not be interested at all. Of course, the speed of the sale will also depend on the popularity of the site. The more people visit it, the higher the likelihood of selling your skin. Accordingly, the speed of receiving money from Steam to a bank card or e-wallet depends on these factors.


Do not forget that when you withdraw money from Steam, in any case, you will not be able to receive 100% of the amount. In the aggregate of all the actions performed, the seller loses about 23% of the total amount (intermediary commission, transfer commission). However, this is anyway better than having a huge number of pixels in your inventory and money in your account that cannot be converted into something real. Follow the instructions provided to easily conduct trade transactions through the Steam platform and receive money to your card, wallet or mobile account.

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