• June 18, 2024

How will the SPG shot alert work?

A new feature from the developers, which is designed to simplify the game for conventional vehicles and make it harder for art to hit.

Greetings tankers! Wotpack with you and we are starting to get acquainted with future innovations that will be released as part of the artillery rebalance in World of Tanks. More details are emerging and now we propose to take a closer look at how the SPG firing notification is implemented in the game.

Many fans of heavy and assault tank destroyers literally hate art, because if 2-3 self-propelled guns are taken into focus, then that’s all, consider that you’ve played enough. Of course, this kind of gameplay does not bring pleasure from the game, and generally discourages any desire to go into battle. Now one of the elements of opposition to the art will be a new mechanic, which can be called a kind of “artillery lamp”.Artolamp

Even experienced players often fall prey to “parcels” from the sky and it is not always possible to determine where the shells are flying from in the heat of battle. The new tool will reduce the so-called “surprise effect” from SPG shots at the most inopportune moment (when you decide to intimidate the enemy, and then bang bang bang and there is no HP, the crew is shell-shocked, and the tank is barely crawling).

Now, at the moment of an artillery shot, the player driving a tank who enters the affected area will see special indicator (shown in the video). It turns on only if the vehicle is inside this zone (the size of which is determined by the radius of dispersal of the SPG projectile fragments).

This mechanic has two features:

  1. If the tank entered the affected area AFTER the art shot, the notification will still work (maybe you will have time to turn on the rear one or at least stop).
  2. If 2-3 SPGs are focused, then for each of them there will be a separate indicator, which will consistently inform about the shot of each art.

The delay in time to react and leave the dangerous area depends on the speed of the projectiles and the distance that he needs to overcome. According to the developers, a few seconds should be enough to reduce the damage or the negative impact of stun from artillery.

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