• February 20, 2024

Indestructible heavy weights and a super accurate SPG with new Equipment 2.0

The most interesting options for assemblies with new equipment, which will fundamentally change the balance of power with random, but also add variety.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and next in line are heavy tanks and artillery with new modules from equipment 2.0. So far, this innovation raises many questions due to the immobility of some assemblies (due to the default profile slots for some equipment), while some modules are not needed at all or are ineffective.

The article is out of date

Current guide:

All the technique cannot be crammed into one article, but I have chosen several illustrative examples to convey the general impressions. If you also have experience on the “Sandbox”, then share your thoughts in the comments.

Heavy tanks very often suffer from gold shells, when even some LT can be pierced in the forehead, but this is exclusively on gold. Gold shells partially “kill” such a thing as booking, but still with the correct positioning of the hull and if you are too lazy to turn the turret (or raise the muzzle up) gold can be tanked

Another thing is that if the enemy charges land mines, then how not to become, you will definitely receive damage, especially if the caliber of the gun is 152-183 mm. And it makes the gameplay very difficult, especially when trying to do LBZ for tanking TT-12 “Armor is strong” or the last TT-15 “Hardened Steel”… And even if 2-3 SPGs are constantly caught in the random house, then sometimes it burns out.

By the way, have you already heard about the possible introduction of a server without an ACS? Or with limited conditions.

With two new modules:

  • super-heavy anti-splinter lining (reworked the old one);
  • improved tank helmets.

Can significantly increase your survivability in battle, since it will practically not give a damn about stunning, the likelihood of a shell shock and even negative effects on the crew will decrease. Now it will be much easier to survive under 2-3 SPGs, but will have to sacrifice a little comfort of shooting

But then questions arise, why E-100 gave two modules for survivability? For him, damage is still more important. The WZ-111 Model 5 A was replaced with survivability and mobility instead of firepower. Object 705A gave a slot for mobility (although both for survivability would be more relevant for him).

At the same time, on the IS-7, the profile slot for mobility looks more interesting, since at an initially high maximum speed of 59.6 km / h, using “Turbocharger” can increase power density by 15%

In this situation, he acceleration + maximum speed will be betterthan medium tanks Object 430U and Object 140, but of course, much worse maneuverability. However, now he may well lead the CT breakthrough along the flank.

But now we will smoothly approach the question of why not neglect new equipment? I already wrote above that art can sometimes be very annoying, but with a new module “Improved sights” all SPGs receive a 9% improvement in accuracy.

For comparison, I present a list of techniques (1st with a module for accuracy, 2nd without).

The biggest buff the British got ConquerorGC (which is quite significant for its spread), and the accuracy Object 261 now almost the same as the Type 5 Heavy on the explosives launcher and even better than the KV-2… So those who refuse to use new equipment, trying to play from damage the old way, will suffer even more from art.

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