• May 29, 2022

Instructions for creating different types of bows in the game Windbound

Ranged combat in Windbound adventure simulator is almost as important as close combat. One or two arrows fired at enemies before they can attack you will give you a significant advantage. The best ranged weapon in the game is the bow, the presence of a good bow, combined with the skills of skillful handling, practically guarantees victory in skirmishes with opponents (and there are many of them on the Forbidden Isles).

Unlike some other types of weapons, which can simply be found in various places in the archipelago, you will have to make your own bow. To create a simple bow, you will need a stick and some silk thread. The stick is easy to get with a knife, but silk thread is not so easy to find, especially in the first two chapters of the game. To obtain silk, several Silkbelly must be killed. These fluffy, purple-colored creatures usually hide in their cocoons among the dense thickets of forest islands. Once you are at close range, they will attack you with a whole group. They are easy to kill, however, and interacting with corpses will give you a silk thread.

With both materials available, just open the crafting menu and find the bow icon – just click on it and the weapon will automatically be created. Now, when you press the attack button, a crosshair icon will appear, and next to it is a number indicating how many arrows are in stock.

In addition to the simple bow, other bows can be crafted in Windbound, which are more powerful and efficient, but they require special materials to craft them. Below you can see what items are needed for each type of bow.

Hunter bow

  • one wood;
  • two silk threads.

Plains Ranger Bow

  • one skin;
  • two horns of the Plains Ranger;
  • two silk threads.

Storm Bow

  • one crystal “Eye of the Storm”;
  • one herbal rope;
  • one stick

Bow of Torment

  • one crystal “Heart of Leviathan”;
  • one herbal rope;
  • one stick.
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