• October 3, 2023

Introduction of bots in WoT on RU servers

The developers continue to talk about possible options for the development of the game, which is now a priority, dispel rumors and myths.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we continue to talk about the most interesting moments from individual streams with developers. One of them discussed the possibility of introducing bots on RU servers.

As many already know, developers have long been practicing introducing bots into the game in special PvE events, for example, last year it was “The Last Frontier”. AI bots were supposed to appear in a special Halloween event, but for technical reasons, the event did not start.

However, according to the AI ​​developers, it received an updated behavioral model, became not only smarter, but also behaves in battle in response to the actions of the players. For example, he will not go into the attack in the minority, but will try to lure the player into an ambush.

It is no secret to anyone that for two years, bots have been fighting side by side in small clusters of Australia and South America from levels 1 to 5, together with real players. In this case, this is an adequate solution to increase the comfort of the game (reduced expectation of a fight).

At the same time, players have repeatedly noticed in the random house on RU servers “Red” according to the statistics of the players (you can see this by the XVM mod, aka “reindeer”). These players have played thousands of fights, it would seem that anyone can already learn how to play, but they merge absolutely inadequately with 1-2 penetrations. They do not respond to chat messages either. So these are also bots, but with the only difference that they are not from Wargaming. There are special programs (we will not indicate the names of third-party resources, who knows – he knows, and who does not – a search engine to help) that transfer the player’s equipment under the control of the bot.

In any case, this is minus one player, and sometimes even two, which significantly reduces the chances of winning… Bots are usually used for several reasons:

  • farm silver on prema (when you are lazy yourself, but you want to ride on “tens”);
  • researching a new technique (again, when you are too lazy to skate the initial levels, but you want the top ten);
  • passing the referral program (a free level 8 premium tank beckons players, the more it can be profitably exchanged for TRADE-IN).

Let us remind you, just in case, that bot farming is prohibited by the rules of the game and is punishable by zeroing all deflated equipment. On one of the latest streams, the developers said that they are actively fighting against such manifestations in random. The bot’s behavioral model is easy to read and captured by a special automated system.

It is not planned to officially introduce bots on RU servers for the simple reason that from the financial side of the issue it is very expensive. Adequate bots require large computing power, therefore it is not economically profitable to use AI at low levels of CIS clusters. And even more so the situation with online is better than in other regions.

The only positive aspect of introducing bots at low levels can be helping beginners to master the game. So far, we are not talking about this, but perhaps they will be added to the “Training Range” so that newcomers better hone their shooting skills (now they are also there, but too passive and low-level).

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