• February 20, 2024

Invisible imba LT with equipment 2.0. Goodbye to balance in random

The most interesting options for assemblies with new equipment, which will radically change the gameplay of some cars.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack with you and we share our impressions of light tanks with equipment 2.0 in World of Tanks and invite you to express your opinion. During the first day of the test, many players had a mixed reaction to such innovations.

To begin with, recall that now each tank from level 8 has two of the three profile slots, i.e. improve module parameters if it matches:

  • vitality
  • firepower
  • intelligence service
  • mobility

This is what the future should be built on. assembliesbased on the class role of technology (something similar is embodied in Ranked Battles with role-playing experience). Profile slots for each machine, the developers have already chosen, so we just have to adapt to the available options for the most efficient use of technology.

Of course, it is impossible to show all the cars within the framework of one article, so here I chose the most interesting as examples and indicated the maximum possible performance characteristics after overclocking.

Let’s start with the popular ELC EVEN 90, one of the most imposing passive illuminating LTs. She has a very low silhouette, so she uses any bush to improve camouflage and it is extremely difficult to illuminate her if she stands under masknet + activated stereoscopic telescope… Now these both modules are inaccessible to her (only for tank destroyers), but added a universal “Low noise exhaust system”:So the “Christmas tree” did not suffer at all, and even added:If earlier her stealth coefficient was 55.58% while standing still with a mask, and in motion – 45.58%, now constant value 54.09%… The overall efficiency has increased, so before the ELC EVEN 90 was imbue only in passive light, and now it has added in active light too. became more versatile

The situation is similar with another French prem AMX 13 57

If you used to be annoyed by wheeled vehicles, now they will become even more immobile and toxic, because they now have 2 assembly options. Increased stealth in motion and vision will be 100% for everyone and the third slot as an option:

  • decrease in the time of self-light by 4 seconds (now it will be 6 seconds instead of 10);
  • or vice versa, increasing the time of spotting the enemy by 4 seconds (the chance increases that allies shoot more damage according to your intelligence).

If earlier chariots could not put a camouflage net, then with a new module “Low noise exhaust system” increases stealth by 9%, so it will become even more difficult to highlight them, and their view will even increase due to the upgrade equipment.

Unlike other LTs, “Wheelers”, starting from level 8, received two profile slots for reconnaissance, so they can enhance the effect of the corresponding modules. Let’s look at the example of EBR 105:

And in general, wheeled LT, due to the initially high inconspicuousness, looks more imbibed with new equipment. So that the introduction of new modules will primarily strengthen French armored vehicles from levels 8 to 10.

Soviet LT, so as not to be inferior in intelligence efficiency have to sacrifice firepower, but then they generally have little chance of outplaying 1 in 1 “French”, because the stabilization of the gun is much worse. And if we keep the PDM and stabilization, then as intelligence officers they will be about nothing. For comparison, 3 variants of combinations based on T-100 LT:

The only LT, besides the French, who will not suffer from the introduction of new equipment, are British ones, for example Manticore. It is behind it in second place in camouflage, after EBR 105. At the same time, an initially accurate and penetrating weapon and, most importantly, a better view, even without a stereo tube, you can accelerate to 543 meters.

LT is now very much in random, the balancer sometimes throws 3-5 pieces into battle… And now even more players will be rolling them in random. To find the listed light tanks, you will have to get close to them at a distance of 100-200 meters (depending on your review).

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