• April 22, 2024

Is it worth buying Löwe in the Holiday calendar in World of Tanks


The ageless classic of heavy German tanks, one of the first prems in the game, but is it relevant now against the background of the introduction of new equipment and will it be able to farm?

Greetings tankers! The second lot of the New Year Holiday Calendar is presented by the German Tier 8 Löwe heavy tank in World of Tanks. According to the tradition that has already developed over the years, we offer our small overview of the technique and reasoning on the topic of whether it is worth buying it with 15% discountLyova on the holiday calendar

The last time the performance characteristics were touched to him back in the distant 2016, then the booking, UVN and mobility were slightly tightened. Now the situation with the characteristics is as follows:

Löwe tth
TTX Löwe

Löwe boasts excellent accuracy and high armor penetration basic shell, which is at least the key to successful farming. One-time damage is average, but very depressing long recharge and mediocre mixing time… Both types of projectiles have a high flight speed, which makes it possible to shoot more accurately in advance.

There is a type reservation, but mainly for levels 6 and 7, with 8 it is already more difficult, and tanking 9 is almost impossible. That is why the developers position “Lyova” as heavy support tank… If possible, the corps should be hidden behind more armored allies or fortifications. The tower is protected more reliably, which in some situations allows the game from very comfortable vertical guidance angles

Mobility – “Achilles’ heel” this heavy, which in the era of turbachi and “wheel” can become a serious obstacle in battle, if it is highlighted on the roll or at the entrance to key positions, where there is a high risk of getting from artifacts or tank destroyers. But his view is excellent, even not all “dozens” have 400 meters at their disposal.



Löwe farm silver well thanks to its accurate and penetrating weapon. He does it slowly, but confidently. “Lyova” is a tank about a thoughtful and positional game, besides, due to the overview, it gets a bonus to farming, as it deals damage in its own light. In terms of its gameplay, the technique is not suitable for players who like to rush and rush the direction – for this this heavy weight does not have enough speed and armor (which, moreover, is devoid of vulnerable areas).

Write in the comments what you think about the tank, who already has it in the Garage, and who is just going to buy it.

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