• October 2, 2022

is it worth the effort❓

It is not for nothing that the style of the tank was called “Dead or Alive” because it will take a lot of effort and time to get it to earn a record amount of “pure experience”.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we will briefly analyze the tasks, and the new M54 Renegade premier tank against the background of the existing American Tier 8 TTs.

As in the case with the previous “hunts”, we have two options for completing tasks:

  1. Diligence tasks. In general, you will have to farm 251,000 “pure” experience on vehicles of level 6-10. In this case, experience is counted only when you get into the TOP 10 of your team.
  2. Mastery tasks. This is a kind of time saving, but it requires a lot of money and skill from the player. In this case, they will be performed only on vehicles of level 9-10. Given the complexity of the tasks, not every tank is suitable, the most relevant or flexible equipment is needed.

For review, we present a complete list of tasks:

The implication is that most of the average players will complete diligence missions. And here the question arises, is the M54 Renegade worth the effort, time and nerve cells, because we all know what kind of bacchanalia is going on in the random house for the period of such events.

Here’s a quick look at the M54 Renegade to determine if The Renegade Hunt in WoT is worth checking out.

The new tank turned out to be the most “sighted” among American TTs with a view of 400 meters. At the same time, he has good stealth. He is doing badly with the armor of the hull: in the frontal projection, the nominal armor is 152 mm, and the given amount there does not exceed 220 mm, so in close combat any single-tier heavy weight will easily pierce it if it does not fall into the bar between the VLD and NLD. The tower is already more reliably protected by 250 mm with a ricochet shape in the forehead, but on top it has a large combo, which will be quite easy to target.

Taking into account the peculiarities of the reservation, it will be difficult for the Renegade to fully fulfill the role of a heavy tank.

Weak defenses are offset by superior mobility, which is comparable to medium tanks. Its high top speed and excellent maneuverability set it apart from other US TTs. It has a low weight and good power density, so it will pick up speed quickly, but you should avoid rams.

When it comes to firepower, here Renegade can be called the “golden mean” among premium Tier 8 heavy weights. Not the biggest, but decent one-time damage. The armor penetration is also higher for many tanks, but 226 mm cannot be called a bad result, it is quite good, moreover, the base armor-piercing projectile (it has better normalization) and has a good flight speed. You will be pleased with the fast turret traverse speed, comfortable UVN and excellent accuracy, but the mixing is not the fastest. Its high rate of fire, combined with its alpha, provides it with the best DPM among the American heavy premium tanks.


It is quite logical that the new pre-tank is made more interesting than the pre-models already in the game. The M54 Renegade is the best in many areas, and in the current randomness, mobility is very important. In the new season of the Front Line, such a tank will also perform well and will allow you to perfectly farm and fill ranks. For fans of US technology, it will definitely come. Players who like vehicles that combine high firepower with mobility and average armor will also love the tank. But be prepared for the fact that it won’t come out easily.

A full review of the M54 Renegade and its gameplay can be found on our website.

How do you like the new prem tank? Are you going to sweat for it in the marathon?

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