• November 29, 2023

is it worth the effort❓

“Hurricane chase” or a useless tank, completely irrelevant in random? Will the effort, time and nerves spent on getting this tank pay off?

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today in honor of the start of a new marathon on Bat.-Châtillon Bourrasque we will figure out whether it deserves attention or pass this event. Let’s start with the strengths and weaknesses of the machine, and then look at the complexity of the task.

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Bourrasque lives up to its name if literally translated – fast as the wind. Maximum speed excellent 62 km / h, almost like the LT. In terms of stealth he also has no equal, and overview one of the best at the level. In terms of design, it is a combination of two French reconnaissance aircraft BC 12 t and EBR 105. So the tank turned out to be fast and stealthy, as it should be for an LT … only the fact is that it is still positioned as a ST.

He was given a cannon with a 2-round loading drum. It reloads the magazine in 21.54 seconds, while the Lorraine 40 t rounds its 4 rounds in 35.24 seconds. At the same time, Lorca has better aiming time and accuracy. But at Bourrasque accuracy 0.4 by 100 meters, and the gun comes down as much as 3.36 seconds, which can only be equated with heavy tanks.

The reason for such parameters of the gun is 105 caliber and one-time damage of 360 units. But this is not the biggest indicator for the French, the M4A1 Revalorisé has more alpha and better penetration. And now, actually speaking about the saddest thing – basic projectile penetration Bourrasque has only 190 mm… On gold, the situation of 240 mm is slightly better, but there is one caveat: both projectiles are sub-caliber, that is, with the passage of the distance, the armor penetration decreases.

As a result, it turned out ambush sniper with a crooked and non-penetrating weapon, and the developers recommend playing it aggressively and assertively. But how to do it without armor, with a long aiming and UVN -6 … + 13 °?

If we talk about the French alternatives, then Lorca’s drum is more reliable in implementation and, most importantly, it penetrates 232 mm with a base armor-piercing projectile. So if the developers return to the idea of ​​increasing the damage to projectiles, then it will definitely remain relevant.

The price for a package with Bourrasque is 4000 rubles. And the same Lorraine 40 t can now be rented for 14 days + a commander with 3 perks in the twitch prime Mike package. And if you like it, you can even buy it at a discount and it will be released 2 times cheaper than Bourrasque.

This year’s assignments are also divided into zeal and skill… The first way is to farm experience. Many players have completed 8 missions in the past to get an 80% discount. This time, this will require 155,000 experience. To get Bourrasque for free, you have to reward 245,000 experience.

If you are going to complete tasks for mastery, then please note that this time you can complete tasks only at level 10… This leads to another question: why do we need “nines” then? But they are the main rewards in Ranked Battles, Frontline and the Steel Hunter.

Should you run a marathon on Bourrasque? If you have several premium tanks in your Hangar, then the game is not worth the candle. Even from the Black Market, Schwarzpanzer 58 and Lansen C will farm better.

And here are a few reasons to do Hurricane Chase:

  • you don’t have any premium tanks at all;
  • for freebies – free premium;
  • for a collection;
  • if you spend a lot of time playing and the marathon does not require additional effort.

In any case, you can go through several stages on the weekend, along the way performing combat missions on Defender of the Fatherland Day, where you also need to farm free experience.


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There is a better technique in the Hangar



Not enough time



For freebies, you can take



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