• March 4, 2024

Just Cause 2 won’t launch – what should I do?

After double clicking on the “Just Cause 2” icon, the game does not start. A black screen appears, and then nothing happens. The problem is not related to a poor computer configuration. It can occur on the most powerful system. If you follow the process of starting the game in the “Task Manager”, you will notice that the corresponding launcher service opens for a couple of seconds and then closes. In order for the black screen to disappear after an unsuccessful launch, you must hold down the key combination “Ctrl + Alt + Delete”… After that, the notification “Just Cause 2 is not working” will appear.

Just Cause 2


Unfortunately, there is no factor that would be unambiguously responsible for the problem.

How to fix the problem

It is worth trying to consistently follow the steps described below. After each, it is recommended to restart the computer.

  1. Reinstalling the game. If an illegal version was used before, then you need to install a license. In the absence of such – install another release of the pirated version.
  2. Checking the cache in “Steam”. Open the client and find it in the library “Just Cause 2”. Right-click on “Properties”, then “Local files” and “Check the integrity of the cache …”. After that, the check will begin, at the end of which a message will appear about the results obtained.
  3. Checking for the absence of Cyrillic characters in the address of the folder where the game is installed. There is no need to install Just Cause 2 into a directory called Games, as opposed to the Igry folder.
  4. Enabling compatibility with older OS versions. You need to open the folder with the installed game and find the launcher – file “Justcause2.exe”… Right-click on “Properties”, then “Compatibility”. In this window, check the box next to “Run the program in the mode …”. Slightly lower in the drop-down line, select Windows XP Service Pack 2… Then go to Steam, right-click on the game icon “Properties”, and after “Set launch parameters” and enter in the line that appears: “/ Dxadapter = 0”… If it does not help, then try to enable compatibility with other versions of Windows.
  5. Updating drivers. This applies to all hardware installed in the computer, as well as DirectX.
  6. Verifying that the game meets the minimum requirements. It is enough to check the data on this page


  1. The most common cause of a malfunction is damage to game files.
  2. Reinstalling the game is the most reliable way to fix the problem.
  3. If reinstallation did not help, then it is preferable to run the game in compatibility mode with older versions of Windows.
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