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Leaders in damage among Tier 7 tanks in 2019

Top 10 pumped tanks with the highest damage per battle. Leaders on the battlefield who lead the team.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have a leaderboard rating in terms of average damage per battle among researchable Tier 7 vehicles.

10th place

Soviet tank destroyer SU-100M1 has good dynamics and quick turn in place, so it is not easy to tighten it. A 100 mm cannon with low one-time damage is compensated by high armor penetration and fast reloading time, so the final DPM is quite good. The armor is still weak, but it has rational angles of inclination, so it can catch a couple of ricochets in a battle. Small size and good concealment contribute to survival.

Average damage per battle 849 HP

9th place

German TT Tiger i despite the weak armor, it still manages to shoot enough damage to get into our rating. He cannot boast of a large alpha, but his weapon contributes to a stable damage deal:

  • good enough armor penetration for its level;
  • good accuracy allows you to fire at any distance;
  • all this is complemented by a high rate of fire.

Average damage per battle 852 HP

8th place

Soviet SPG S-51, which can bend even in the stock state due to the rapid-firing gun with fast convergence and high projectile speed. In the top configuration, it is armed with a cannon with maximum damage for its tier, high armor penetration and a large radius of fragmentation. It can only be opened from the branch of heavy tanks through the KV-2.

Average damage per battle 858 HP

7th place

Chinese tank destroyer T-34-2G FT Equipped with a 122 mm gun with one of the highest single-hit damage. At the same time, it has quite good accuracy, as for such a caliber. Thanks to its excellent mobility, this vehicle can quickly take key positions, and taking advantage of its low silhouette and high stealth, a shot of its cannon can become an unpleasant surprise for the enemy.

Average damage per battle 861 HP

6th place

Chinese TT IS-2 introduces an improved version of the more recognizable Soviet IS. “Chinese” also has the maximum one-time damage, but a long recharge, mixing and poor accuracy. But the combination of ricochet armor and excellent dynamics allows him to fight on a par with medium tanks, while having an advantage in armor and a large alpha.

Average damage per battle 874 HP

5th place

Japanese heavyweight O-Ni continues to bend in random. He has two guns to choose from: an armor-piercing 100 mm and a 152 mm howitzer, with a huge one-time damage, it is she who is preferred by most players. Comfortable airborne weapons help to more effectively implement firepower. The O-Ni has powerful front and stern armor, and the turret has solid circular armor. In addition, he has the largest margin of safety and a good overview.

Average damage per battle 912 HP

4th place

British tank destroyer Challenger has balanced performance characteristics, so it will be comfortable for every player to play on it, because you can use its versatility in battle depending on individual preferences. It does not have a high alpha, but it has decent DPM, excellent accuracy, fast aiming and high armor penetration. Mobility allows you to actively move around the map, choosing positions more conveniently, and comfortable UVN allows you to use the folds of the terrain when shooting.

Average damage per battle 944 HP

3rd place

Opens TOP 3 Polish heavy tank 45TP Habicha, who, having no pronounced advantages, quietly climbed into the top of the rating. This tank has a moderate alpha strike and decent armor penetration. The frontal armor of the hull is rather weak, but the tower in front is well protected, which, together with the comfortable UVN, makes it possible to confidently inflict damage on enemy vehicles. At the same time, he has good mobility, which allows him to be among the first to take a position and hold until the allies approach.

Average damage per battle 952 HP

2nd place

German artillery Gw panther not only the most popular to present its class at level 7, but also one of the leaders in damage. One-time damage is one of the smallest among classmates, yet the firepower is the highest due to better accuracy, rate of fire and, most importantly, a large horizontal guidance angle due to the presence of the tower. Thus, this SPG can control a decent-sized area of ​​the map, providing timely support and cover to the allies.

Average damage per battle 975 HP

1st place

The American heavy tank topped our rating T29, which, as for its level, has an almost impenetrable tower in frontal projection, which is a real pleasure to play. For playing from the terrain, it has comfortable aiming angles and a powerful gun with good armor penetration, and a high view will allow you to light up enemy vehicles after their attempts to penetrate the tower at a long or medium distance. T29 is one of the best representatives of its branch, which, if used correctly, can decide the outcome of a battle.

Average damage per battle 1001 HP

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