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League of Legends: TOP 10 best items

The super popular MOBA from Riot Games has a huge number of items, many of which have active abilities. Here rating of the best of them

TOP 10 best item abilities

The complete overhaul of the interior shop in League of Legends in Season 11 was massive and had a significant impact on the meta. And even though it has been changing for a long time now, both in terms of the choice of champions and in terms of the items used, items have really become more balanced and equal… Some of them got powerful passives, while others got cool active abilities.

Season 11 has been going on for a long time, so most of the players managed to adapt and get used to the new store. But even among such avid lolers, there are those for whom some subjects still remain a mystery. Compiled for them and everyone else rating of top items based on statistics from patch 11.4.

10th place: Armored boots

Armored boots

Many seasons of Tabi Ninja have been a rather unusual subject. With the miss chance removed, these Dodgers’ boots became defense-oriented. For them, they reduced the damage from automatic attacks and increased their armor, which, although useful, does not really combine with the image of a ninja. Luckily, it didn’t take long for Riot to fix your mistakes with the newly made “Armored Boots”

The advantages of this item are pretty obvious. Unique boots passive reduces all incoming damage by 12%, including attacks from turrets. Damage taken also counts base attack and ability modifiers, which act like standard attack and magic damage.

The effectiveness of Armored Boots is greatly appreciated as each champion uses some type of basic attack. Due to the fact that the item is best improved with a large amount of armor, against powerful carries and AD teams he is too goodto avoid collecting it.

9th Place: Green Barrier / Seeker’s Bracers

Green Barrier / Seeker's Bracers

Both of these subjects tied for ninth place because they perform the same tasks. “Green Barrier” is a new item that increases damage from abilities and protection from magic, while Seeker’s Bracers give the same bonuses plus armor… They are both inexpensive and can suit any control mage, fully justifying their cost.

Much of the effectiveness of both items comes from passives. Both the barrier and the bracers increase the defensive stat when killing minions. At the same time, “Seeker’s Bracers” require a little more enhancement.

Most mages collected them even before the update against mid lane with physical damage, but “Green Barrier” should be considered for builds with increased abilities… For example, a combination of Lydia and Syndra’s mid laners would be the perfect pick against which to build this item. In addition, improving armor works well in the late stages of the game

8th place: Stopwatch / Hourglass Zhony

Stopwatch / Hourglass Zhony

Improvement of the above The Seeker’s Bracer is Zhony’s Hourglass… Stopwatch also ranks eighth in the list, as the champion of every role can benefit from it. This item costs 600 gold and does not provide any characteristics.

The rune “Perfect timing” guarantees the free use of the item through a certain timing. It can be combined with several other items, including Zhony’s Hourglass.

The active ability of “Stopwatch” in the form of stasis is very effective in critical situations… Using the item will turn the character into gold, making him uncontrollable and invulnerable… The one who is subject to this effect cannot do anything while the ability is active.

Aytem has so many uses that listing all of them will take a long time.… With its help, you can: dodge spells, survive in combat, wait for the recharge of certain abilities, just look cool. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are several “Stopwatches” in professional League of Legends matches, because active ability is too good

7th place: Chemtech razor

Chemtech corrode

Although at first the item did not delight the players, the latest patches have made Chemtech Eater a must-buy in almost every match. It’s no secret that health regeneration in League of Legends is now more effective than most of the available effects. The debuff that the item imposes is called “Scary Wounds” and reduces the strength of healing and regeneration effects… Therefore, now magicians who want to impose this negative effect may not collect Morellonomicon.

The main ability of the “Chemtech Corrode” is the “Mushroom Toxin” passive. It works like this: when dealing magic damage to enemy heroes, inflicts the “Terrible Wounds” debuff on them 40% for 3 seconds… In addition, when a champion heals an ally or applies a shield to him, it is amplified and the next time he deals damage to an enemy hero, he inflicts “Terrible Wounds” on them by 60%.

Important: the percentage is expressed as a decrease in the effect of regeneration and healing. The higher the percentage, the stronger the debuff.

6th place: Shadow Glaive

Shadow Glaive

The Shadow Glaive is a unique item, as a whole designed for support heroes who are focused on dealing physical damage. The item can also be equipped on an AD carry, but lately it has no place in the inventory of such champions. And, despite the fact that the glaive is now worth more than before, it is still recommended for use.

This item is simple and powerful. Best of all, he unleashes his potential in a game that depends on the vision. Passive called “Blackout” is activated when the hero who equipped the item passes near enemy wards or traps… The effect is as follows: totems and hidden traps are deactivated and reveal their location, but only if you approach them within a radius of 400 units. In addition, the owner of the item destroys revealed wards with one hit.

5th place: Reactive chemical armor

Reactive chemical armor

At the start of the season, Aegis of Sunfire was the top choice for a tank among mystical items. After several changes in the patches, the three items for tanks have become more balanced and equal in relation to each other. Riot gave them not only the addition to the characteristics as before, but also added useful abilities. As for “Reactive Chemical Armor”, its ability is the main advantage of the item.

Besides the fact that this It significantly increases survivability by granting the champion health, armor, and magic resistance, it also speeds up skills. This works great with the active ability called Swift Attack. When a hero walks towards enemy champions or towers, movement speed is increased by 60% for 4 seconds… When approaching the target, a shock wave is generated, which slows down those around it by 50% for 1.5 seconds. The ability has a 90 second cooldown. Such combination of speed and strength, so the one who collected this item moves as fast as Udyr.

4th place: Eternal cold

Eternal cold

As soon as the season kicked off, the opinion was formed that “Eternal Cold” is the worst item for magicians among the mythical. The stats that the item gives were focused on increasing survivability, but only a few of the champions could use the item due to its ineffective ability. After several buffs Eternal Cold has finally become a worthy choice for many heroes

Active item ability releases a cone of ice that immobilizes enemies caught in its center… Also magic damage is dealt and a slowing debuff is applied on enemies, acting for 1.5 seconds. After reworking, the ability’s animation has been sped up and its cooldown has been reduced. Both allow mages to control enemy champions and clear creep waves (if the hero does not have the skills for this).

3rd place: Bonecrusher

Bone breaker

Another item that was weak at first, and then became a must-have after several improvements in the patches. The Ripper used to be the obvious choice for big tankers, but after the nerfs, Bonecrusher took his place.

In addition to enhancing physical attacks and slightly adding survivability (+200 health), the item has an excellent ability called “Restraining Cut”. Thanks to her the hero lunges forward, dealing physical damage in an area and significantly slowing enemies by 40% for two seconds. All of the above is very useful because allows you to quickly close the distance and slow down enemies… This is especially effective against ranged champions who are used to keeping their distance from threatening tanks.

2nd place: Force of the storm

Force of the storm

One of the main requirements for the active abilities of any item is a mobiliness. Long time the lack of a large selection of such items was a problem for the League of Legends, but now the situation has improved.

Force of the Storm is considered a great item for adding mobility to ranged champions. She not only gives the opportunity to dash, but in general changes the playing style of the hero.

An ability called “Flurry” strikes the owner of the item in the selected direction and releases 3 charges at the enemy with the lowest health… The damage is magical and increases depending on the missing health of the target up to 50%.

When compared to the same Bonecrusher, the Storm Force dash moves the champion further. And if you add to everything else and the impressive damage, which almost guarantees the item, it can well be attributed to the category of too strong.

1st place: Healing moonstone

Healing moonstone

The one and only – “Healing Moonstone”. Unlike the rest of the items in the collection, it does not add colorful effects and flamboyant abilities, nor does it enhance offensive skills and does not encourage aggressive actions. On the contrary, the item literally resists damage, making it less visible.

Healing Moonstone Passive heals a wounded nearby ally for a huge amount of health, but only when using skills and basic attacks towards enemy champions. Moreover, the rate of healing per second increases over time (up to 50%!), so it is beneficial to take long fights with him.

Heal may seem weak in short fights, but in long fights he literally changes the course of the battle. Combined with other items with strong spells and good wearer survivability, this is definitely best ability among all items in League of Legends

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