• December 6, 2023

Little Nightmares 2: overview and first impression

A new part of the land of little nightmares is coming to PC and consoles soon. According to the developers’ assurances, the gameplay has been brought to perfection, and the continuation of the story will give all fans goosebumps.

Little Nightmares 2: overview and first impression

The first part of the cult platform horror Little Nightmares will receive its continuation already on February 11, 2021… The game will be released immediately on PC, PS 4, Xbox One and even Nintendo Switch… The events of the second episode logically continue the story of the first. Players will see old heroes, including the Sixth – the protagonist of the first part, which will help the player solve puzzles and go through especially difficult terrain details.

If you haven’t purchased Little Nightmares 2 yet, then this quick overview will help you make the right decision about whether your Steam or EGS library has a place for such a title


Little Nightmares 2 6th

Before us is a full sequel to the first part of the franchise… However, we have to play not for Sixth (a girl in a yellow raincoat), but for Mono (a child in a brown raincoat and with a paper bag on his head).

As in the last part, we are not given any background, so we have to figure out what is happening on the run.

The meeting between Mono and the Sixth takes place at the very beginning of the game – in the house of the Hunter. Due to the fact that the heroine appears in the game without the iconic yellow cloak, she may simply not be recognized. She is outside the door and plays with the music box. Mono will have to cut his way to her and earn Six’s trust in order for her to join him.

Now the main characters will be together move to the Signal Tower… They will have to make their way through a large and bustling city, overcoming the Wasteland, School, Hospital and many other frightening locations. There are a lot of enemies in the game, but the most frightening of them: Teacher, Doctor, Thin Man and, of course, Hunter.

Gameplay features

Little nightmares 2

The developers did not begin to redraw the gameplay component of the game and added to the new part all mechanics from the previous, so as not to lose the flavor of the horror platformer. However, judging by the reviews from critics, the game mechanisms have been brought to perfection and no longer fail. In addition, several new interesting mechanics have appeared:

  • Instead of a lighter, the player has a flashlight. It can illuminate the space and scare away monsters.
  • It is best to play the game on a joystick – it was for it that the hero’s control was sharpened.
  • The map received its 3D implementation. Now you can move deeper, due to which riddles and traps have become much more diverse.
  • The main character starts with a paper bag on his head, but during the game he can collect new hats and change them at any time.
  • The passage is designed for two – Mono and Sixth. The main character of the last part is controlled by a computer and helps us. She can pick up the hero when jumping long distances, plant him on high obstacles and more.

Some flawed game physics… If you are in the trap zone, then the character will definitely die after falling from a height. If you just fall from one floor of the house to another due to inattention, then the hero survives.

New protagonist – Mono

Little Nightmares 2 Mono

New protagonist – Mono – very similar to Sixth… This is also a child, nimble and nimble, who is trying to unravel the secrets of the world around him. According to the plot, he is about 9 years old. On Twitter, he is described by the developers as a stubborn and determined boy. The character also mentioned in the Little Nightmares 2 comic series, therefore, true fans of the series have known him for a long time.

Mono is Asian with brown eyes and dark hair. He is the same height as Six. This boy is softer than the main character of the last part. When he finds her at the Hunter’s house, then immediately tries to help, even after she escapes from her savior.

Mono has several new game mechanics. Unlike the Sixth, he can not only run, but also fight. Using small objects this character is capable of scare off enemies, disarm traps or even destroy obstacles.

Also, the new character received a special mechanic – interaction with televisions… With their help, he can travel to other places in the Pale City. A unique teleport for a unique hero.

Interesting Facts

Little Nightmares 2 Hunter

The game is filled with interesting little things, most of which are still hidden from fans. Some information was revealed to us in press releases, developer posts on Twitter and through the leaks of data miners. Here are the most interesting facts about Little Nightmares 2:

  • Riddles cannot always be solved the first time. A suitable item may break in the character’s hands and one will have to look for a replacement for it.
  • Do not try to speed up the passage, you need to hide more in the game. For example, during the attack of the Hunter in the final of the first location, you will only be able to escape by hiding behind the boxes.
  • The name of the character – Mono – translates as “units”.
  • The Thin Man is the main anagonist of the series. The players will have to meet him in the very final, when the characters get to the Tower.

Judging by the first data and the trailer, Little Nightmares 2 will be a worthy sequel to the franchise… She did not lose her frightening atmosphere, expanded the lore of the universe and was able to unite the new and old protagonists. If you enjoyed the first installment of this horror-themed platformer, then be sure to check out Episode 2 after its release on February 11, 2021.

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