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Location of all 30 dinosaur bones in Red Dead Redemption 2

The search for collectibles leads to the most unusual places on the map. Each location has its own story and expands the plot of the game. One of the collections that can be collected in the game is dinosaur bones. It includes 30 bones scattered throughout the map.

Many players receive the first bones as random finds, but it is better to go looking for items. This is especially true in the later stages of the game, when all weapons are open and the story is complete. Finding a collection will take the player for many more hours. To reduce the time it takes to find dinosaur parts, you can study the instructions below. It details the locations of the bones.

How do I start an assignment?

We need to find a paleontologist named Deborah McGuinness. She is the head of the Heartlands region. The beginning of the quest is located in the area of ​​the letter “H” in the name of the region “Heartlands”. You need to walk in a straight line south from “H”, passing the badger habitat. The task will immediately send you to search for a stranger in this region. He can be found southeast of the Horseshoe Overlook Camp.

all collectible dinosaur bones in Red Dead Redemption 2

Deborah can be found right at the excavation site. We must agree to help find all the dinosaur bones. They will come across the entire journey through the Wild West.

As the task progresses, the player receives 3 awards:

  1. After picking up one bone, a piece of quartz arrives in the mail.
  2. As soon as half of the collection is completed, the player will receive a turtle statue.
  3. Upon completion of the collection, an invitation from Deborah and a unique jaw knife comes in by mail.

Now is the time to consider the location of all the dinosaur bones. In order not to rush from one end of the map to the other, all places are divided by region.

The heartlands

This region has the most dinosaur bones scattered around:

  1. The bone is just in the grass in the middle of the wild lands. To find it, you need to get up at the Flatneck station and follow the train tracks. At the fork, turn right. The bone is opposite the saddle image on the map to the left of the paths. To select a bone, you need to press L3 and R3 at the same time while being next to it.
  2. Head north from the point between the R and T in the Heartlands. The end of the dried up river must be found. The bone is located on the rock, it blends in with the general background, so it can be difficult to see.
  3. In the center between the letters “A” and “R” you need to go a little to the north. It is located in the oil field in a pit under the tower, where a ladder leads for a safe descent.
  4. East of the Dakota River and northwest of Downes Ranch. You need to go east from the letter “K” from the name of the river, located between two roads. The mountain cliff should be explored. The bone is in the wall.
  5. Southwest of Valentina. You need to walk almost to the river and climb the mountain. There is a bone right on top of it in the grass.
  6. South of the letter “O” in New Hanover. It is located in front of the hut, more precisely southeast of the dwelling. Lies in the grass.

Cumberland forest

Two points of location of bones:

  1. North of the C in the name Cumberland Forest. The bone is located at the top of the cliff; it sticks out of the ground almost at the edge of the cliff. By the way, a beautiful view of the forest opens up from here.
  2. Southwest of Bacchus Station. On the map, it is slightly west of the letter “S”. There is a large bone behind a large stone.

Roanoke Ridge and New Hanover

There are 4 bones in the hotel area:

  1. On the western border of the area, right on the dotted line. You should go to the point of intersection of the western border with the railway tracks. Going down exactly along the strip, it will be possible to find bones. Located on top of a rocky plateau and resembles a jaw.
  2. The original search point is between the letters “O” and “A” in Roanoke Ridge. From there you need to go east. The bone is located on the edge of a cliff next to the road.
  3. The search should start from the mountain to the west of the Kamassa River, slightly above Lake Elysian. You need to climb to the highest point on the rock. A bone is visible from here, just below the peak. Look towards the river. It is better to slide off the rocks, otherwise you can fall.
  4. The last bone in the area is southwest of Van Horn and the letter “R” in New Hanover. The point is approximately centered between these areas. There is nothing remarkable on the site, the bone is located just between the trees.


There are 2 bones in Scarlett Meadows:

  1. Near the border with the Heartlands. Slightly west of Dewberry Creek. Better to go west from the letters “RR” and before reaching the border there is an area with dry mud. There is no need to climb a hill, the chest is between three stones on the ground overgrown with greenery.
  2. A little below the past point. The bone is at the bottom line of the “L” in the name of the Lemoyne area. The location is identical – between 3 boulders in the mud.


The region is large enough, the region can be divided into 2 more parts.

Oriental grizzly

By exploring the area, you can get 4 bones:

  1. Slightly west of the “I” in the name of the Ambarino region. The bone is located on the grass on a small hill.
  2. On the extreme path from the northern border of the map. You can walk from the Loft side along the main road. Bone is at a mountain peak. The desired location is at the curvature of the road to the north.
  3. These bones are the hardest to get, as you have to climb a steep mountain. The location is to the southwest of the “S” in the word “East”. The best way to climb is from the northeast, you have to go around the mountain. The bones are located at the edge of the mountain.
  4. Next to the sanction of Bacchus (Bacchus Station). Located directly under the letter “S”. Located on a small rocky hill.

Western grizzly

The single bone is located on the west side of the Dakota River. The hero was already nearby during the receipt of the fifth bone in the Heartlands, but on the other side. Located on top of the cliff is a dinosaur’s leg imprinted on the rock. The dot is located northeast of the fifth bone of the Heartlands, or north of the letter “E” in Valentine, almost immediately across the river.

West Elizabeth

There are 3 more bones in the Great Valley:

  1. You need to find a place between the letters “W” and “E” at the intersection with the dotted line on the side of the “W”. Traditionally, the bone is located on the mountain.
  2. There is a junction of dotted roads near the letter “S” in the word “West”. You need to go northwest. After the middle of the road, there is a sharp turn to the south, next to it there is a mountain. There is a bone at the edge of the hill.
  3. North of Wallace Station. The road should lead to the cave. It contains most of the dinosaur skeleton.

New Austin

For convenience, the region is divided into several parts.

Hennigan’s place

From here, you will be able to get 2 bones:

  1. South of the first “N” in Hennigan’s Stead. You need to search in the canyon at the foot of the mountain.
  2. There is the right place not far from the San Luis River. From the last letter you need to go south, slightly shifting towards the east. Lies between grass and bushes.

Halla Springs

In the region, the developers hid 2 more bones:

  1. Almost on the northern border of the region. You need to head north from the “S” from the word “Springs”. Lies on the grass on a small slope.
  2. Between the letters “A” and “U” in the word “Austin” it is almost centered. The bone lies on the highest elevation of the hill. You need to focus on the height of the hill, since the bone is not visually visible due to the bushes.

Gaptuz ridge

Already on the final straight for collecting bones:

  1. Between the letters “D” and “G” in the word “Ridge”. You can find it on the mountain, which is easy to climb from the north side.
  2. Under the “L” in Tumbleweed. On top of a mountain, which can only be climbed from the north.

Rio bravo

The last two bones needed for the paleontologist’s assignment are in the Rio Bravo area:

  1. Under the letter “B” in the word “Bravo”. Going north, you will come across a small hill with a bone.
  2. Near the Rio del Lobo cliff. At the peak of the cliff. Found east of the K in Rio Del Lobo Rock.

It remains only to write Deborah the location of all the bones and wait. She will send an invitation to Firewood Rice, where she will show the finished dinosaur skeleton. For completing the quest, Deborah will reward the player with a Stegosaurus bone knife.

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