• December 5, 2023

location of safes and lockers, combinations

The Resident Evil 3 remake certainly does not boast as many secrets as other games in the Resident Evil franchise, including the original version of the game. Nevertheless, they are still there and they are quite enough to satisfy even the most curious researchers, albeit for a short time. In today’s article, we will tell you how to open all lockers and safes in Resident Evil 3.

Location of all safes and combinations

It is worth noting that there are only three safes in Resident Evil 3, but in each of them you can find useful equipment for the protagonists.

First safe

The first safe can be found in the shop opposite the pharmacy. Go up to the second floor and go into the storage room. The combination for the safe is shown on the Aqua Cura poster – 9 <1> 8 <. The safe will contain a collimator sight for a pistol.

Second safe

The second safe is located in the west office of the Raccoon City Police Station. He will be in sight and you are unlikely to miss him. The combination for the safe is in the security room, which is under the main staircase in the lot. The combination is 9 <15> 7 <. Inside the safe, a hip bag will be waiting for you, increasing the number of slots in your inventory.

Third safe

The third safe is in the nursing station on the second floor of the hospital. However, do not forget to run into the operating room on the first floor, because there is a combination for a safe. To enter the operating room, you will need to obtain the appropriate access card. The combination for the last safe is 9> 3 <. The safe contains an improved rifle clip.

The nuances of opening the safe

Can’t open the safe? First, you don’t need to press the interact button while entering a combination. Just turn the dial in the desired direction and the safe will open. Secondly, you could simply forget the combination – go to the files section in the pause menu and read the combination again.

Location of all lockers and combinations

There are only a couple of lockers in Resident Evil 3 – and they’re all in the Raccoon City Police Station! Unfortunately, there is nothing significant in these lockers and you can safely skip them if you don’t want to bother.

  • The first locker is a shower room on the second floor. The combination is CAP.
  • The second locker is a staircase on the second floor. The combination is DCM.

With all this quest, you realize how short a game Resident Evil 3 is …

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