• September 24, 2023

Locations of all 11 Gardener Postcards in The Medium

During her wanderings, the main character of The Medium, Marianne, will find many different things. Including clues, scraps, and collectibles. The latter include postcards, each of which tells a little about what Frank experienced at the Niva Hotel. A total of 11 such cards can be found.

It is worth noting that finding one image unlocks the From Niwa with Love achievement. And when collecting all eleven, you can count on the All That Left Unsaid achievement. At the same time, 40 points are added to the game account on the Xbox.

11 places in the Medium that contain gardener postcards

11 places in the Medium that contain gardener postcards

  1. Niva says hello. The first of these cards can be found at the very beginning of the game. When Marianne heads to the hotel for the first time, search the guard’s office to the left of the main gate. Once inside, go to the table in the far left corner. This card will lie on top of the dirty linen on a chair at the table.
  2. Honest work. As soon as Marianne gets to the front doors of the Niva Hotel, she realizes that she has no way to get inside. When looking for a way to enter, you need to go to the parking lot to the abandoned red car. There will be a second postcard in the front driver’s seat.
  3. Promotion. Upon entering the hotel, you need to go towards the sparkling doors and turn right in front of them, into a small room. The next card will be on the round table in the center.
  4. Someday. In the dressing room to the side of the indoor pool, between the two bathrooms is a square wooden stool with a cardboard box on it. There is another image here.
  5. Scenic view … Returning to the real world, after finding two masks, you need to pick up the key to the room, near the trash can. Having opened the door next to the broken mirror, you must turn to the right and follow the corridor until a trash can in the far corner comes into view. The postcard is in it.
  6. I will not stop. After the cut-scene with the “Eater of Children”, the heroine finds herself in a courtyard with a tree. To his right is a bench with another card.
  7. Poor thing. Taking the image from the previous point, you need to go towards the observation deck with a telescope. There is another picture on the bench to his right.
  8. Harder and harder Walking along the forest path, at the first fork you need to turn left. There will be a bench with a photograph.
  9. Whispers in the Dark. When meeting a dog, you need to follow it to the river. Arriving at the place, behind one of the bushes you should find the next bench on which the postcard will lie.
  10. New companion. The last two images are from the former caretaker’s camp. The first of them is on a bench by the fire.
  11. Regrets. The second photo can be found in the keeper’s tent, next to his deceased body.
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