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Mafia: Definitive Edition – How to Race in Fair Play

A good old race that few people could get through the first time. IN Mafia: Definitive Edition there is extremely difficult mission, in which the player is required to participate in the race, and he must necessarily finish first.

Mafia: Definitive Edition - How to Race in Fair Play

Passage requires a certain skill and knowledge. If the first has to be worked out by the players themselves, then with the second it can help this article.

About racing and the mission “Fair Play” in general

2002 year. The time when it appeared Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven – 1st part of a series of games about mafia. It had one very interesting mission called “Fair game“. There it was necessary to take part in the race instead of one of the famous racers and protégé Don Salieri respectively

Fair game“Objectively considered the most difficult mission in the game. The reason for this is its very construction. The essence of the 1st part is breakdown rival sports car. It is at this moment that the player is offered to control it and intuitively feel what it is like to drive a racing car.

The second part is the race itself. There are 16 participants, one of which is the player himself. The task before him is simple – in three circles to become the first and conquer… However, it is at this stage that the same “but” occurs.

Race in Mafia: Definitive Edition

As in 2002, this part of the mission makes many people puzzle and get pretty nervous because of the extreme difficulty of the track. It is full of tight corners and the handling of a sports car leaves a lot to be desired.

Few people passed this race the first time – it is for this reason that the mission became the subject of jokes and memes.

Before talking about how to go through this part of the mission, you need mention the next nuance. It is important to understand that in order to win races you need to “feel»Car. This means that the player will need adjust to when you can accelerate, and when you can slow down, so that it is easier to enter a turn and the car does not go into a skid. It is the ability to control the speed of the car that will become the main step to victory.

Instructions for completing the race in the mission “Fair Play”

The following tips can help you complete this race. Let’s analyze each turn of the track and how to drive the car at this time.

First… On the first lap, this turn is the most difficult because there will be a lot of riders. The ideal strategy is to drive until you are in 12th place. On the second and third laps at this point, you need to slow down a little after you pass the billboard.

First turn

Second… Here you need to slow down a bit to make it easier to enter.

Second turn

The third… The actions are the same as on the second corner.

Third turn

Fourth… You can either go faster or slow down slightly – the player’s choice.

Fourth turn

Fifth… You need to go through the same way as the previous one. You can only slow down a little more.

Fifth turn

Sixth… Drive faster or slow down slightly.

Sixth turn

Seventh… The same actions as for the second or third corner.

Seventh turn

Eighth… Press the gas pedal to the floor. Drive at full speed until the first corner.

Eighth turn

Even in the course of this race, it is worth remembering that upon reaching leadership, the player’s task changes – now, instead of overtaking rivals, you need to prevent them from overtaking yourself and at the same time maintain an accurate ride.

The last thing to say about this mission is that it does not forgive mistakes. Therefore, if it was not possible to maintain leadership, it will be easier restart race right away. Following our recommendations, the player will be able to complete this mission, if not from the first, then at least from the second time. It’s better than killing an hour or two on her.

Video instruction in English

We hope that these tips will help you in completing the mission and allow you to further enjoy the wonderful remake of the 1st part in the form of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

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