• September 29, 2022

Mass Effect: Best Relationship Partners

BioWare’s game series is known for its intricate plot, the ability to romance with someone on the team, and maintain relationships during the events of the classic trilogy. Or stop everything to start a new romance. It is noteworthy that in the game a love line is possible with both a man and an alien.

Mass Effect romance

The developers have announced a remaster called Mass Effect: Legendary Edition with the preservation of the storylines of the classic trilogy. Fans will have the opportunity to once again enjoy the passage of their favorite episode, as well as be imbued with romantic lines. Below we will talk about the best characters with whom romance is possible.

8. Miranda Lawson

Miranda Lawson Mass Effect 2

The most calm and balanced character in the setting. She is genetically engineered by her father to be perfect in everything. And he does not deny it. At the same time, she feels that she did not deserve her achievements and therefore is not proud of them.

As she gets closer to Commander Shepard, Miranda realizes that she is an admirable person, regardless of what her father created. An excellent scenario for the development of a love affair with a beauty, whose appearance is copied from the Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski.

7. Pelessaria B’Sale

Peebee Mass Effect: Andromeda

Peebee is an asari girl in Mass Effect: Andromeda, which is why Liara’s fans liked her. The project failed, but the romantic line with this character pleased.

Being a lone wolf by nature, she is peaceful and not afraid to find a common language with any member of the team. Trusts Ryder to such an extent, the protagonist becomes her first fusion partner.

The warm development of events makes Peebee a little frivolous compared to the more serious members of Ryder’s team.

6. Garrus Vakarian

Garrus and Shepard Mass Effect

The character remained loyal to the commander throughout the trilogy. The awkward, reasonably talkative and outwardly unusual turian fell in love with the fans in the first part so much that the developers decided to make him romance in the second.

The case when fanservice influenced the development of the setting. Garrus Vakarian is of romantic interest to the female protagonist.

5. Liara T’Coni

Liara Tsoni Mass Effect

Another character that accompanies Shepard in all three parts of Mass Effect. A novel is possible regardless of the gender of the protagonist due to the peculiarities of the development of the asari race.

Liara partially contributed to Shepard’s resurrection in the second part and was glad to see him unlike Kaidan and Ashley. The only companion, with whom it is possible to maintain a romance throughout the three parts of the game.

4. Tali’Zorah nar Raya

Tali Zora Mass Effect

Like Garrus, loyal to the commander (even when Shepard was in Cerberus). In the first part, she did not have a romantic line, but she got one in the second. The Tali race is forced to hide bodies under suits due to problems with the immune system.

If Mass Effect 2 had an affair with her and continued in Mass Effect 3, then the player will be able to see her face.

3. Thane Krios

Thane Krios Mass Effect

Created specifically for female players: sensitive, romantic, tough and mysterious at the same time. He was married, and his personal quest is connected with the rescue of his son.

The romance with Thane ends tragically as the character dies in Mass Effect 3, which makes the romance line beautiful and touching. The player is free to choose whether to start a relationship with the thought of the imminent death of a friend. The character is very bright, because in death the hero is revealed most fully.

2. Jaal Ama Darav

Jaal Mass Effect

A character from Mass Effect: Andromeda. The failure of the project does not mean that the romantic line was not interesting. For it was: Jaal attracts like a new kind of aliens, not met in the classic trilogy.

There are very cute dialogues between the character and Ryder, and he also puts a heart on his sleeve and encourages the protagonist to do the same. And they have a beautiful date by the waterfall.

1. Jack

Jack Mass Effect 3

Piracy, robbery, kidnapping and vandalism – for every crime there is a tattoo on her body. When the player first meets this madwoman in Mass Effect 2, the possibility of romance seems somewhat ridiculous. A harsh life, a bad character, a brutal appearance and a body stuffed with biotic amplifiers are designed to repel those who want to get closer, not to mention attempts to conquer her heart.

If the male character Shepard abandons casual relationships in the early stages of communication with Jack, then he will see much more under the scab of dirty tattoos and an aggressive appearance. No one except the commander had previously perceived Jack as a person, not pursuing the goal of deceiving in the end.

When the girl opens up, she will reincarnate into a faithful companion, ready to eliminate anyone who poses a threat to her man.

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