• November 29, 2023

Medieval Dynasty – how to make money easily at the beginning of the game

The main components of the game Medieval Dynasty are survival, the growth of knowledge and power, and ultimately the creation of a city and the formation of a family that will continue your business. For all this, of course, you will need money. Making money may seem daunting at the beginning of the gameplay, but there is one simple, reliable and low-effort way to get multiple coins.

It is important to remember that although your character’s own funds are very limited at first, many of your distant neighbors live a much more affluent life, so the best way to make money early on is to sell them items. In the nearest town you will find many merchants who will gladly buy useful items from you. In particular, there are two items that are easiest to trade. The humble stone ax and stone skinning knife are easy to craft and will sell for 28 and 21 coins respectively.

You can make a stone ax from 10 sticks and 2 stones, while making a stone knife requires 6 sticks and 2 stones. Sticks and stones can be found fairly easily on the ground and will be found almost everywhere in the course of various other tasks. In order to make a stone ax and a stone knife for skinning, go to the corresponding section of the crafting menu, and hold the Q button. Then you just have to go to a local tavern and get your gold coins in return. By just selling a few items every day in such a simple way, you will quickly accumulate a tidy sum of coins that will help you later in the game.

It is also important to limit your spending at the beginning of the game. For a minimum consumption of funds, it is better to take water from the river, and you can provide yourself with food by collecting mushrooms or hunting deer. This will save you some additional money for buying items that are very difficult to obtain in any other way.

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