• May 22, 2024

Meor is a game that will destroy Minecraft

Developers from the company Nel stuff announced the release of a new game called Meor. The creators were clearly inspired by the style of all known Minecraft and Terraria, however, promise more elaborate graphics and improved gameplay.

bonfire in meor
At the start, the game will have the opportunity to breed animals, craft all kinds of devices and arrange your own home. The main gameplay is not much different from the opportunities that Minecraft fans give, and this simultaneously becomes the main plus and minus of the game.

The main advantage is voxel engine, allowing to reduce the load on the processor and transfer it to the video card. This opens up to developers more possibilities and allows the game to be less demanding on the characteristics of the computer. If you are the owner of a weak PC, then this hit will be to your taste.

Interaction with the world occurs through voxels, and not through cubes, due to which the picture becomes more realistic and somewhat futuristic at the same time. The character will be able not only to cut down trees or collect fruits, but also terraformwhile not carrying a lot of blocks of earth with you in your inventory.


Unfortunately, there is no release date yet. However, if you want to try yourself as beta tester, you can send a request to the developers to participate in the tests of the first versions of the game. A pre-alpha version is also available on the official Meor website, which anyone can download.

In the meantime, we are waiting for a new sandbox with ultra-capabilities, you can while away a couple of evenings in Minecraft, familiar to all of us. Try to complete one of the best survival maps or incredible horror maps. If you are more into construction, then we recommend trying to repeat one of these crazy buildings in Minecraft.

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