• December 5, 2023

Mini-marathon for the premier tank “Hunt for the Eagle” in World of Tanks

An easy 10-task chain to earn a medium premium tank this summer.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack with you and we is in a hurry to share the news about the start of the new marathon. For the past 2 years, the developers have been organizing mini-marathons on the T-34 shielded and M10 RBFM. It was easy, but 5 levels are not very popular now, as they are not suitable for the main LBZ and do not bring points in the Battle Pass.

This time, the marathon will be for the American Tier 7 T26E3 Eagle 7 medium tank. But not everything is so simple. A level 7 prem is of course much more effective in terms of farming than a five, but:

  • sentence to participate in the marathon comes individually some players;marathon on T26E3 Eagle 7
  • and this marathon is not free, but access worth it 300 rublesmarathon on T26E3 Eagle 7

But do not rush to be indignant, as offers have just begun to come to the players, and the fact that the marathon is paid is rather profitable proposition… T26E3 Eagle 7 is sold within the game client for 6,500 gold, what in rubles out 1474

To get a suitable premium for 300 rubles instead of 1474, as for me, is a good option. Wherein bonus go 4 reserves for combat experience and crew. After purchasing an individual marathon given 10 days to complete it.

To get a tank, you need to earn 7,500 pure experience daily for 10 days.

It’s easy and simple, no skill requirement, like the diligence challenges in regular marathons.

Do not confuse the T26E3 Eagle 7 with a conventional T26E3 (could be collected on the main committee), it is much worse.

I’ll tell you briefly about the T26E3 Eagle 7, if it’s worth the money and effort.

T26E3 Eagle 7


  • good one-time damage (most of the ST only at level 8 receives alpha 240 units);
  • high armor penetration, one of the best among classmates. At the same time, the basic and special shells are armor-piercing, i.e. they have good normalization and more effective penetration at a long distance;
  • comfortable vertical guidance angles;
  • VLD is located at a good angle, there is 152 mm, so it will sometimes ricochet shells from other ST of level 7;
  • high viewing radius and communication range.

T26E3 Eagle 7


  • mediocre mobility;
  • long recharge (payback for alpha), so it is inferior to the DPM;
  • poor accuracy, but the gun has good stabilization in motion;
  • weak armor of the hull;

There is a neutral point: the gun mantlet occupies the entire frontal projection, but in most cases it will penetrate, although in some places it is reduced to 200 mm.

booking scheme T26E3 Eagle 7
Armor scheme T26E3 Eagle 7

In general, the tank is good, it is played positionally from the alpha. In battle, it acts as a support, since armor penetration allows you to confidently inflict damage. Therefore, personally, I am waiting for such an offer. Purely for collection, you can take it, play with friends, if someone will pump out the “seven” (I just already have a T26E4 SuperPershing).

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