• March 4, 2024

Mobile “Failed to download updates”: Solved

A lot of players in droves began to experience problems downloading the update for Call Of Duty: Mobile. The “Failed to download updates” or “Network error” window appears continuously. After displaying the message, the game either freezes or crashes. If you activate a VPN, things will not budge either. The reasons and solutions are described below.

Reasons for the error

The problem has become more frequent with the release of the Call Of Duty: Mobile 1.0.2 update. The developers deliberately included code in the game that blocks access to users with VPN. It doesn’t always work, but most owners of ExpressVpn, OneTouchVpn, etc. can no longer connect to the server. How can I enter the game now? There are also rumors that the problem is related to the transition to the next stage of beta testing, in which the developers deliberately weed out some of the users.

Installing the Unlocator VPN application

So far, the best way is to use an alternative VPN. For most users, everything worked when connected via the Unlocator VPN.

How it works:

  1. Go to the Play Market and install Unlocator VPN
  2. We go through the registration procedure and enter your account.
  3. Among the available servers, select In – Indore, which stands for India, and connect to it.
  4. After the timer is displayed, we can try to connect to the game.

You will have to register because there are few servers available in unauthorized mode, among which there is no India. This service allows you to get a ping of 90-120, which is enough for a normal game.

Unlocator VPN Not Working?

One day, developers can add the Unlocator VPN IP addresses to the blacklist, then access from the service will also be blocked. In this case, we recommend looking for other little-known and fast VPN services in the open spaces of the store. It is important that among them there are servers in France, Germany or India. You can also install the latest version TapTap


  1. We include TapTap and by searching, select Call Of Duty: Mobile.
  2. We install the version for USA.
  3. Install a suitable VPN and choose “Peru”.
  4. We connect to the server and launch the game.

What are the changes in the new version?

The first thing we noticed was the improvement in the texture smoothing system. Previously, there were more pixels, but now the surrounding elements look better and are less conspicuous. The improvement affected not only static elements, but also weapons and heroes.

Other changes:

  • you can link your account with your Facebook profile;
  • improved performance;
  • optimization of the map for battle royale;
  • changed the number of cartridges in the store and the number of places for picking up weapons;
  • fixed a bug with grenades;
  • solved the problem where the helicopter soundtrack was looping.

For today, this is all we can do to help Call Of Duty: Mobile players who were unable to download the next update. Hopefully it worked, or at least nudged us in the right direction.

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