• December 6, 2021

mod menu with and without cheats on PC and Android

It is not surprising that everyone wants to experience such a mega popular game. Everyone here wants to become God and we know how to help with this. Here’s how to hack the game!

Among Us

Among Us is a special multiplayer game in which the interaction between team members is central. Of course, there are interesting gameplay and funny mini-quests here, but if you don’t know how to survive here and how to win, then it’s better not to expect success.

Cheats are provided for informational purposes only. The site administration is not responsible for the consequences of their installation and use.

Every second player wants to download the hacked Among Us, because with the help of Mod Menu in the game you can do literally anything. Do you want to become immortal? Easy. Get all the skins, hats and pets? And this will also be available! And now we will tell you how to hack Among Us.

Among Us mod menu

Among Us

The Menu Mod in Among Us is an opportunity to get some additional abilities, that is, to hack the game. It doesn’t let you play for free, it just adds special features!

Among Us mod menu for Android

There are a huge number of hacks for phones. Some of them completely equate to cheats because they make it easier for impostors to win. Others just let you hack all the skins and hats in the game.

We offer you two versions of the menu mod for Android for Among Us:

  • No cheats. Unlocks all skins, pets, and hats.
  • With cheats. Allows you to end voting, remove the restriction on emergency meetings, automatically break lights, close doors at a distance, and much more.

Using the links below, you can download the Among Us menu mod for Android from a convenient resource for you

Download Among Us mod menu for Android without cheats

Full version of cheats with maximum features, but high chance of being detected by anti-cheat in Game.

CheatBig.apk with ModsFire – DOWNLOAD

CheatBig.apk from Cloud Mail.ru – DOWNLOAD

CheatBig.apk from Google Drive – DOWNLOAD

Download Among Us mod menu on Android:

A stripped-down version of the cheat that almost undetectable by anti-cheat… Minimum ban probability

CheatMini.apk with Modsfire – DOWNLOAD

CheatMini.apk from Cloud Mail.ru – DOWNLOAD

CheatMini.apk from Google Drive – DOWNLOAD

More interesting features in the collection of the best cheats for Among Us

Installing a menu mod on Android is very simple:

  1. Remove the original Among Us.
  2. Download the desired file, with or without cheats.
  3. Allow to install the program from an unknown source (not from the Google Play AppStore).
  4. Install the file that you downloaded from us.
  5. Turn on the game.

Among Us Mod Menu on PC

Among As Mod Menu

If you are playing on a personal computer, then you will not be able to load the menu mod without cheats. However, you can choose not to use them if you wish. The main thing – do not forget that you always have to answer to the developers for cheating.

The player becomes almost omnipotent! Mod Menu for Among As on PC makes it possible to become immortal, walk through walls, kill at great distances. Also, there is a hack for characters. All skins, hats and pets will be unlocked!

Using the link below, you can download the Among Us menu mod on your PC from a convenient resource for you

Download Among Us Menu Mod on PC

Working cheat for Among Us (v12.5) Mod Menu. Suitable for the current version of the game on PC on Steam.
You can download a new cheat for Among As for the latest version for free from the links below.

DOWNLOAD Modsfire (password 777)

DOWNLOAD from Cloud Mail.ru (password 777)

DOWNLOAD from Google Drive (password 777)

More new mods in the collection best cheats on Among Us

Installing the menu mod for Among Us on your computer is very simple:

  1. Upload the hacked file.
  2. Install it on your computer (anywhere).
  3. Enable the installed cracker.
  4. Launch Among Us (required in windowed mode!).
  5. Now you can use any functions of the mod menu right during the game by switching applications.

Cheaters are the scourge of Among Us. Hacking in 2020 has become the main problem of this game. We urge you to use the official version of Among Us and use the menu mod only for skins. In addition, the developers have created their own personal protection system, therefore now for cheats can be banned.

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