• February 22, 2024

Mouse freezes, twitches and disappears on Windows 10 – what to do?

Does your mouse freeze, twitch, or disappear while playing video games and other applications on the Windows 10 operating system? You are terribly lucky, because today we will tell you what the cause of this not very pleasant problem may be and how it can be eliminated, and once and for all.

Reasons for freezing, jerking and disappearing mouse on Windows 10

There are many reasons why you may feel this “discomfort” with your pointer. However, here is a list of the most common reasons:

  • the option to return the pointer to its original position in the dialog box is activated;
  • the option of increased accuracy of the pointer setting is activated;
  • the option to hide the pointer during keyboard input is activated;
  • incorrectly working mouse driver;
  • the touchpad of the laptop conflicts with the connected mouse;
  • the system uses drivers for one more mouse;
  • problems with the mouse itself (hardware problem).

After reviewing the possible causes, let’s now try to fix your mouse freezing / jerking / disappearing.

Fixing mouse stuck / jerking / disappearing on Windows 10

Solution # 1 Disable hiding the pointer when typing (disappearing the mouse)

It is possible that the option to hide the pointer during keyboard input is activated in your OS settings. While users often like this option, some users still prefer to have their mouse always present on the screen. For example, disabling this function will be useful for people who suffer from vision problems.

To disable hiding the pointer while typing, do the following:

  • press Win + S;
  • write “Control Panel” and click on the found result;
  • after selecting small / large icons in the view mode, open the “Mouse” section;
  • in the new window go to the “Pointer parameters” tab;
  • uncheck the “Hide pointer while typing” option;
  • apply the changes in the mouse parameters and close the window.

Test your mouse and make sure it no longer disappears from the screen.

Solution # 2 Turn off the increased mouse positioning accuracy (freezing and twitching)

Some users claim that their mouse froze and jerked due to the fact that an option was activated in the cursor parameters that increases the accuracy of the pointer. This might seem like an extremely useful option, but there are many reports on the net according to which it causes a variety of problems for Windows users.

To disable this option, follow the next series of steps:

  • open the pointer options as demonstrated above;
  • uncheck the “Enable increased pointer positioning precision” option;
  • save your changes and close the window.

The way your mouse moves around the screen will change, but the twitching and freezing should be gone. Of course, this will only happen if that option was the problem.

Solution # 3 Disable the return of the cursor to its original position in the dialog box (twitching and disappearing)

Another option in the pointer parameters that can cause sudden mouse twitching and disappearance. If this option is active, then your mouse cursor will be automatically moved to one or another button in the dialog box. This can be extremely inconvenient, even very dangerous in some cases.

This option is turned off like this:

  • go to pointer options (↑);
  • uncheck the “On the default button” option;
  • save your changes and close the Mouse Options window.

Now, when the dialog boxes appear, your mouse will not twitch in the direction of the buttons in these windows.

Solution # 4 Reinstalling the mouse driver / removing an additional driver (freezing, twitching and disappearing)

The mouse could start to freeze, twitch and disappear due to the fact that its driver did not work quite correctly. A simple reinstallation of the driver should completely resolve the problem. Reinstallation is done as follows:

  • Win + R → devmgmt.msc → Enter;
  • open the section “Mice and other pointing devices”;
  • right-click on your mouse, for example, HID-compatible mouse, and select “Remove device”;
  • restart your computer.

The operating system will automatically install the missing drivers. Test your mouse and see if the issues are resolved. Are you using two mice on your PC? A driver for a second mouse that is not currently being used may conflict with your primary rodent – remove the second mouse driver.

Solution # 5 Disable the laptop touchpad

It turns out that laptop owners can experience various problems with the mouse. The reason is the included touchpad. Fortunately, you can make the touchpad turn off whenever a mouse is connected to the laptop. This can be done as follows:

  • open the properties of the mouse, as shown above;
  • go to the “Device / Touchpad Settings” tab;
  • check the box next to the option “Disable internal pointing device when connecting an external pointing device to the USB port”;
  • save the changes and close the window;
  • restart your laptop.

The solutions in this article should have helped you fix freezes, jerks, and mouse disappearances on Windows 10. If you still haven’t been able to fix your problem, then, unfortunately, there is probably something wrong with the mouse itself. Try to check it on another computer and if there is the same situation, change the mouse or send it to the workshop for repair.

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