• December 5, 2023

Nerf trophy equipment. Did the developers cheat the players again?

On the Hardware 2.0 test, the developers introduced new values ​​for some modules, but left them unchanged trophy equipment, against the background of the rest.

Greetings, tankers! Today I want to raise the issue of hidden nerf trophy equipment… This is not exactly a nerf, but rather a hidden devaluation and violation by the developers of their word. When he was introduced for the First Season of the Battle Pass, in order to motivate players to receive, they made him the parameters exactly the same as those of boom equipment.

Trophy equipment was introduced as an equivalent alternative boom, for players who cannot play on the Global Map for various reasons, but can play solo in random or donate.

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Description from the game:

Initially trophy is no different from usual, but when adjusting for 3,000,000 credits, it can be improved to level boom

At the same time, it can be removed as usual for 10 gold (not 200 bonds). Many players accepted this innovation well and went to gain levels in the Battle Pass. But you just can’t get everything, because trophy rammer available only with the Advanced Battle Pass for 6500 gold.

By the way, by the standards of online games this is one of the most expensive Battle Pass when translated into rubles.

And now the players played for 2.5 months, donated an improved pass, some bought additional stages (since not everyone, due to work, has the opportunity to devote a lot of time to the game).

Third trophy module Ventilation could be obtained only for the 5th stage of the PvE event “Road to Berlin”. And here, too, many people could not do without donation, since the mode quickly became boring, and it is very time consuming to go through 5 levels without experience bonuses. Therefore, players bought a set with boosts for experience and an increase in the level of all units for 3250 gold (I don’t remember exactly the price, but it seemed like it was).

And now we are approaching the test of the new equipment 2.0, in which we added profile slots that increase the efficiency of the conventional modules installed in them:

At the same time, Improved ventilation is universal, therefore it receives a bonus in any profile slot, except for survivability.

To boom equipment against the background of such bonuses, the developers have upgraded it, increased the% of the bonus. BUT at the same time left unchanged trophy

Now bonus from trophy equipment looks weaker and is almost not felt in battle compared to the usual in profile slots. For example, the difference of 1.5% for ventilation is too insignificant to donate for the sake of it and spend time on special modes.

How are such actions justified? Some clan players and those who have gone through Ranked Battles are already outraged. To obtain booms they played a lot and diligently, spent a lot of time, they say, where is the justice, that someone can get the same bonuses just by playing in random (or against bots) and just tapping.

Part of their outrage is understandable, but trophy equipment so far there is not enough in the game, and not everyone could get it either + the same fans of the GC, too, no one forbids taking it trophy

Therefore, here already question to developersif they immediately said that trophy equals to boom, then we must keep our word. If they cheat the players now, who will donate for him in the Second Season of the Battle Pass? Moreover, in the game everything is decided by VBR and he does not care for a difference in the conditional 1.5% -2.5%. When the server decides to give the player a miss, it doesn’t care about equipment or full mixing.

Concerning we invite you to take part in the survey and share your thoughts on this issue in the comments, before it’s too late to influence the developers’ ideas.

Survey: nerfing trophy equipment

Do I need to make the SAME values ​​for Trophy and Boom equipment? You one vote

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