• May 26, 2022

New bonding mechanic available to all players

The developers have radically revised the system of accrual of one of the most important and difficult to obtain game currencies in World of Tanks.


Hello tankers! Welcome to Wotpack and we will continue to get acquainted with the details of the 1.10 patch in WoT, which will be the largest this year. The mechanics of obtaining bonds are now unpredictable, it all depends on the daily tasks issued by the system, and in battle it is impossible to know anything at all, given the inconsistency of the randomness.

The new mechanics should become more transparent and will help even average players to easily farm bonds… Now, to receive Bonds, you need to have a great battle in order to receive an Epic Medal or an award of the Battle Hero category. Tier 10 vehicles receive them for single-tier battles, when only “dozens”.

Bonds will no longer be awarded medals.

Now the mechanics of the accrual will be similar to the one now in the accrual of points for the “Battle Pass”. Depending on the outcome of the battle, 7 bonds are given for a victory, and 5 for a defeat, if the player entered TOP 3 their team by experience. With a similar outcome for TOP 10 from experience, 5 and 3 bonds are awarded, respectively.booms table

But it’s not that simple. For each level 10 car they made limit 50 bonds per week, which applies to random and ranked battles, as well as general battles. It is reset once a week on Mondays.

Also, now bonuses are awarded for any battle on the “dozens”, and not just for single-level battles.

You can track the progress of earned bonds in the vehicle panel:

Now by clicking on the icon with bonds, a new pop-up menu will appear:

Updated system will definitely allow players to earn more bonuses, especially those who have many “tens” in the Garage. Now it is possible to forecast part of the currency inflow in advance. But don’t be too happy, most likely it is will entail an increase in the prices of goods for bonds.

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