• February 21, 2024

New Equipment 2.0 will break the balance. Why does randomness only get worse?

Imba builds on some vehicles will become so toxic that playing against them will become very difficult, and sometimes even impossible.

Greetings, tankers! On the site, we have analyzed all the most interesting assembly options for each class of equipment (there will be links to detailed reviews at the end) and summing up this topic, I propose to speculate today about the imperfection of the new equipment.

Some of the equipment became cacti, and some, on the contrary, received imba equipment options. And this was directly influenced by the developers, who predetermined the profile slots for each machine:

  • firepower
  • vitality
  • intelligence service
  • mobility

Starting from level 8, each vehicle was assigned 2 such slots (sometimes the same) and here’s the catch. Some of them received really important and necessary slots, and the other half are either forced to strengthen what the developers offer, or to play as they like, but then they will be weaker than potential opponents.

Here are a couple of examples. Maus received 2 slots for survivability, so it can be equipped against self-propelled guns and land mines:

Considering his armor, he will be able to tank more efficiently, the art will become less annoying, and the gameplay will be more enjoyable. He will now be able to better fulfill his role. But the question arises what for E 100 also gave 2 slots for survivability? Given his weapon, it is primarily charged for dealing damage, not tanking.

An example of updated performance characteristics Maus

Soviet Object 705 gave a slot for mobility, but given its specifics, it would just be more relevant for him to increase survivability or at least a little firepower. Therefore, a slight increase in dynamics will be “Like a dead poultice”

WZ-111 Model 5 A and About. 277 both belong to the category damage dealersbut did not get the opportunity to increase firepower… And assault tank destroyers, which do not stand still, were left without enlightened optics, therefore, efficiency and profitability (especially premiums) decreased. A Object 430U will get worseconsidering his upcoming nerf, since he was given survivability and mobility slots.

Detailed review of Soviet ST 10 with new equipment.

And against the background of such an ambiguous selection of equipment, some got the opportunity to significantly improve performance characteristics… Some light tanks can put a module in the reconnaissance slot for + 9% to the permanent stealth of the vehicle. But that’s not all, another module can reduce the time of their own exposure by 4 seconds or increase the time of exposure of enemy vehicles by 4 seconds.

That is, imagine now dissecting under the nose a wheelchair with more than 50% invisibility, which glows for only 6 seconds… Or vice versa, out of habit, after the light, you counted out the conditional 10 seconds, you start to leave, but it turns out, at the enemy LT the module stood for +4 seconds to the spotlight of the enemy and then several shots fly into your face, and welcome to hangar

A similar situation is with some tank destroyers, which, in addition to a camouflage net, can reduce the visibility of the vehicle after a shot

Now the conditional E 25 at the top of the list can shoot anyone before he gets to her. That’s interesting, but now it will download new equipment at level 6-7.

AND Swedish tank destroyers become really shooting bushes, since in siege mode the mask net effect is not reset and they can be detected best case scenario driving up to a distance of 200 meters, and then, only when there is a view over 445 meters (for unmasking).

What about up-accuracy for SPGs? With the new module they can reduce spread by 9% and, accordingly, they will more often hit with full damage (and not with a splash). ConquerorGC will improve accuracy by 0.09%, and Object 261 will become more accurate than KV-2Therefore, those tanks that do not put new modules to protect against artifacts and land mines will suffer even more.

As for me, the new equipment will lead to the fact that even more players will switch to art (and hello, 3 SPGs in each battle), others will give preference to light tanks, especially wheeled vehicles, which already annoy half of the gaming community and will close the procession with bush Tank destroyer with cheating disguise.

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