New marathon for the Soviet prem tank

For the first time in WoT, “Hunt” will be for bots in a new PvE event. First details.

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack with you and we is in a hurry to announce the good news about the May marathon for the heavy Soviet premier tank of the 7th level IS-2 Shielded. There is still little information, but it is known that the meaning will be the same as in the usual “Hunt” – you go through the stages and get discount up to 100%… There is not enough time to go through or there is no desire to get confused with tasks, then it will be possible, as always, to simply donate.

The date of the marathon is from 4 to 18 May.

The game PvE event is called “Road to Berlin” and as the name suggests, we have to take the German capital by storm. By teaming up with other players, you will need to open up the enemy defense under the command of artificial intelligence. Battles will take place on three old maps specially redesigned for this mode and one new one – Berlin. Below you can find out where you are going to fight:

Even the “Normandy” from the Front Line migrated here:

According to the developers, we will not be bored, so the AI ​​was strengthened (it turns out that at the “Last Frontier” there were those who were dissatisfied with its complexity). The gameplay promises to be more exciting and dynamic.

Photo: TASS / Khaldey Evgeniy

As stated at the beginning, the main reward will be the Soviet IS-2 shielded heavy tank. IS-2 participated in the capture of Berlin, it was he who is depicted against the background of the Brandenburg Gate in the famous photograph of those events:

But in the game, this tank is “shielded” in this case, it is a makeshift way to increase protection by welding gratings. Now let’s move on to the performance characteristics in the game:

In many ways, this is a complete copy of the pumped IS with a 122 mm D-25T gun. Therefore has big alpha as for my level, but pays for it long mixing and poor accuracy… Let’s look at the main differences:

  • Due to the screens, IS2-E has more reliable armor and, accordingly, better survivability. Screens will protect against land mines and cumulative explosives:
  • due to increased armor, mobility suffered, so the dynamics is slightly worse;
  • the grate on the tower blocks the commander’s view, so the view radius is 10 meters less.

The car will definitely be interesting to look at in random, because the usual IS lacked survival so much.

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