• February 22, 2024

new series, sequel to Umbrella Academy

Exclusives from Netflix, adaptations of old TV series and anime, unexpected announcements and cool author’s projects. All this will be shown to fans in a special presentation.

Netflix geek week

2020 the year made unexpected adjustments to the usual schedule of technical and entertainment events and presentations. The same E3 last year was held online, sporting events were postponed, and exhibitions were temporarily blocked. Now some of the studios have returned to work, many developers intend to demonstrate new items at the nearest E3 in closed pavilions for the press, and representatives of the streaming service Netflix and even announced Geek Week – an event dedicated to the presentation of TV series, film adaptations and films.

Netflix Geek Week Announcements

Week of “geeks” is scheduled for early June (the most important announcements will take place 11 numbers). Broadcasts from Netflix will take place on Youtube and Twitch… Those who are eager to discuss the upcoming news are already waiting in the comments and chats.

And there will be reasons for discussion: insiders have long declassified the imminent release of the third season Umbrella Academies (The Umbrella Academy) and figured out the adventures “The Witcher” (The Witcher)… There will also be information about Cowboy Bebop Lucifer), Sandman

Netflix series preview

In addition to the “titles” at Geek Week they will tell about the following series:

  • Shadow and Bone
  • Lupine
  • Blood Red Sky
  • Sweet Girl
  • “Ice Drive” (The Ice Road).

The fantastic blockbuster will not disappear from the screens “Another life” (Another Life) and spin-off pro Vikings: Valhalla… Among the prime ministers – The Last Mercenary with Jean-Claude Van Damme and “Kate” (Kate) with Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

Season two The Witcher

What other news to expect from Netflix Geek Week? Will prompt Twitter: materials about almost everything in the world are regularly published there.

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