• September 24, 2023

New Year in WoT 2020 + gift tank

New Year’s offensive is approaching! It’s time to get ready for it in order to take advantage of the most interesting offers.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and today we have prepared for you all possible options for the development of New Year’s promotions, which will begin in mid-December.

Holiday calendar

The end of December and January is the time of vacations and vacations, so online in WoT is increasing significantly. The developers skillfully use this moment to attract new audiences to the game and keep the veterans interested.

This year, in celebration of WoT’s birthday, the game hosted the Festival Fair with daily offers of interesting promotional premium tanks. The difference between this holiday calendar and the previous ones is the ability to add 3 slots to favorites in order to postpone a purchase or think while waiting for other options.

The holiday calendar may appear in the game in early December.

According to an already well-established annual tradition, there will also be a holiday calendar for the New Year with the possibility of buying tanks not only for real money, but also for in-game gold. As always, rare cars or big discounts on popular premium vehicles await us.

Therefore, now it is worth taking a closer look at the offers in the premium store, where the bonus in the packages is gold. As a last resort, you can simply resort to saving, because many players have a supply of gold for clan activity.

Offer in the premium store

For example, “Weekend Packs” are now available in the Premium Shop:

Holiday atmosphere

Another unchanging tradition is to pump holiday atmospherethat will be encouraged by a variety of gifts:

  • improved equipment;
  • various reserves;
  • medals;
  • a slot in the Hangar;
  • tankers / tankers;

Special attention should be paid to discount coupons for the purchase of equipment from 1 to 10 levels. The first five levels have a 100% discount, i.e. the equipment will get free, and starting from the 6th level there are discounts from 80% and up to 30% for the 10th level. Thus, you can pump out any branch of equipment without waiting for the action “Into battle”.

A preview of the festive Hangar from Worldoftanks.ru last year:

We are again waiting for combat missions to obtain small boxes for decorating New Year’s paraphernalia in the Hangar.

Holiday boxes

With special attention, large New Year’s boxes are expected, which contain, in addition to decorations and game gold, a lot of additional prizes.

Of particular interest there are unique tanksthat are not available for purchase or appear in the store very rarely. Last year, the technology included:

  • the famous imba of level 7 E 25 (it does not exist in the open sale);
  • the only Soviet heavy tank with a mechanism for reloading the drum IS-3 with M3 (for the first time since Apa TTX went on sale this fall);
  • KV-220-2 is also imba, but already at level 5;
  • Desired by many Ob.252U Defender.

Gift tank

In patch 1.7, the Tier 2 French light premier tank AMR 35 received its final model.

AMR 35

Yes, many were waiting for another LT in France for the New Year – the wheeled AM 39 Gendron-Somua, but nothing has been heard about it since patch 1.4.

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